Anti-counterfeiting packaging board equipment

Patent name Anti-counterfeit packaging board equipment Patent applicant Wang Aixiu Principal applicant Address 100013 Inventor Wang Aizhou; Gao Fujiang; Chen Yaohui; Zhou Jinhong; Gao Luping; Tang Yan Application (Patent) No. 208, Sanchuan Building, No. 3, Hepingli West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 200420077633.4 Application date 2004.07.14 Certification date Approval announcement number 2755159 Approval announcement date 2006.02.01 Instruction CD-ROM number D0605-1 Main classification number D21H27/30(2006.01) I Classification number D21H27/30(2006.01)I;D21H21/40(2006.01) I; D21H21/42 (2006.01) I; D21H21/48 (2006.01) I; B32B29/06 (2006.01) I Division Original Application No. Priority Item Abstract A manufacturing anti-counterfeit packaging board equipment is a special composite machine, The compound machine passes through the guide roller, the pressure roller and the glue applicator, the guide stick, the air floatation heat dryer, the paperboard layer of the guide roller and the anti-counterfeiting paper layer passing through the two guide rollers, and passes through the pressure roller and the drying cylinder in sequence. The device is then composed of a guide stick, a cooler, and a guide roller. It is used for security paper is 14 ~ 150g/msup2/sup black and white watermark, security thread, open skylight security thread, fluorescent fiber, 0.1 ~ 3mmsup2/sup of fluorescent points and multilateral profile sheet coated copper plate or high gloss or offset plate Security paper. The glue made of oxidized starch and polyvinyl alcohol in a ratio of 1:1 is used to produce single-sided or double-sided anti-counterfeiting packaging board paper. Because this type of laminator is used, the efficiencies are greatly improved by using only one side of the conventional method to achieve higher processing efficiency.

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