Application and Standard of Three Comprehensive Test Chamber

Application and Standard of Three Comprehensive Test Chamber

With the development of industry and technology in China, the application of environmental testing equipment is becoming more and more extensive, and the equipment required is also diverse. The three comprehensive test chamber is composed of: test box body, motion connection system, control system, refrigeration / dehumidification system, heating / humidification system, air duct and other systems. Mainly provide the environment of temperature and humidity change for scientific research and production units such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, communication, etc. At the same time, the electric vibration stress can be applied to the test product in the test box according to the prescribed period, so that the user can Or components), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, etc. for temperature, humidity, vibration comprehensive stress screening test, in order to assess the adaptability of the test sample or evaluate the behavior of the test sample.

The temperature and humidity vibration box performs the following standards during the test: low temperature test: GB2423.1-2001 test A: low temperature test method; high temperature test: GB2423.2-2001 test B: high temperature test method; damp heat test: GB / T2423.3 -93 Test Ca: constant damp heat test method; high temperature test: GJB150.3-86 high temperature test method; low temperature test: GJB150.4-86 low temperature test method

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