Bright and brisk cool furniture

The use of glass, bamboo and rattan, metal, plastic and other materials on household products will always give people a feeling of “crystal clear, cool heart”. As long as the furniture is added to the living room in a timely manner, even in the midsummer, the room can be transformed into the "Ice Age".

Glass furniture, crystal clear and cool

Cool features: cool touch, high degree of reflection

With its impenetrable transparency and bright, fresh and straightforward style, glass furniture dispels the heat of the interior and becomes the “master” of summer cool home life. The color of glass furniture is not only the traditional transparent color, the use of technology means glass furniture can also bring out a variety of colorful colors, solid colors, gradient colors, mixed colors and other colors also make glass furniture become "small flowers gradually Want to be charming."

Representative works: coffee table, TV cabinet, dining table and other furniture can choose glass products, such as water-like streamline design, visually achieve a completely open effect.

Matching scheme: In summer, there is no need to place glass furniture in the home. Just a few pieces of cute and colorful glass furniture can be used to embellish small corners, which can play the role of “lighting” the home environment.

Rattan furniture

Cool features: natural simplicity, light weight and durability

On a hot summer day, a few bamboo rattan tables and chairs are placed at home, and a big fan is placed on a wicker chair. It smells like nature, and it is enjoyment and fun. The furniture made of pure natural bamboo and rattan not only meets the requirements of green environmental protection, but also has phenomena such as moisture absorption and heat absorption during the production process, and it is resistant to insects, deformation, cracking and degumming.

After strict processing, the bamboo and rattan become soft and tough, and the rattan furniture is breathable, and the natural taste makes it refreshing and pleasant. Through the ingenious preparation of people, the patterns and styles of rattan furniture are much richer than before, and the color is natural and natural, without the simplicity and roughness of traditional rattan furniture.

Representative works: rattan bed, table and chair, sofa, coffee table, bookcase, soft lines, light and thin form, the combination of drum, air, folding, straight, curved and arc, or different patterns of different techniques.

Matching scheme: Rattan furniture is matched with the popular logs, which is very suitable for families who admire natural style, so that the home is simple and not monotonous.

Metal furniture is better than cool

Cool features: cool, cool and cool

In the hot summer days, it is best to use cool wrought iron furniture to decorate the home environment. The unique cold energy of wrought iron furniture makes you forget the dryness, heat and dullness of the hot summer days, and enjoy the closeness with the coolness. Metal materials generally have a high degree of finish, strong plasticity, sturdiness and durability, and their styles are changeable. Their unique "cold" feeling makes the hot summer season a hot season for wrought iron furniture.

Representative works: iron dining tables, couches, coffee tables, candlesticks, flower stands, magazine racks, or fine, or rough, or bright, or modern, or quaint. Appreciating from the styling, wrought iron furniture is mostly based on nature's birds and beasts. The lines are naturally expressive. Whether applied to lamps, high platforms, short chairs or chairs, it is so natural.

Matching scheme: The owner can choose a few small wrought iron furniture, placed on the sofa, carpet, dining table, can break the traditional monotonous layout layout, enrich the space level. Iron itself can also be combined with a variety of materials, such as wood, stone, silk, hemp, glass, pulp, etc., combined into a perfect piece of furniture. For example, the combination of iron and vine can create a feeling of rigidity and softness.

Plastic furniture, stylish and light

Cool features: colorful, design is very strong

In a clean environment, colorful plastic furniture becomes a "secret weapon" that brightens the interior immediately. Plastic furniture also has its unique advantages over furniture made of wood or metal. Plastics are extremely malleable and can be processed into any shape. At the same time, it is rich in color and easy to match with other furniture. It can be said that plastic furniture has spread all over the family. It is worth mentioning that plastic furniture is easy to maintain, easy to clean and does not absorb water. Sitting in a plastic chair in the summer, I feel very comfortable.

Representative works: plastic can be made into chairs, lockers, desks and other large furniture, can also be made into cups, lampshades and other small accessories, transparent material, exquisite shape, you can definitely let you "cool" from the heart.

Matching scheme: The owner can purchase several chairs of the same style but different colors, or use them in combination with a glass-style dining table. They are placed in the living room, study, and bedroom in twos and threes. Either simply replace the indoor lampshade with a transparent plastic jacket of various colors. These simple ways make the original simple interior design upgrade and become lively.

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