Bring you into the colorful colors of June

In June, a season full of life and glow. Butterfly, green leaves and flowers are close to your face and turned into a colorful makeup . Let's go and feel the summer colors together.

Forest goddess

Forest goddess

The forest gave the hope of the mortal world, and spread the greenery through the quiet attitude of the goddess.


1, eyebrow tree language

The calm brown-gold eye shadow lines a few green leaves between the eyebrows, and a tree of vitality is placed between the eyebrows.

2, the lips of the earth

The rich nude lips are like the fertile soil that the sun shines on, but the simplicity is the birth of the garden.

This makeup is actually very low-key, it is better to outline a green eyeliner in life, and then take a golden brown eye shadow, calm and energetic. Don't forget to use the flesh-colored lip liner (concealer pen) to outline the lip before creating the earthy nude lip. It will be more natural.

Flowering spirit

Flowers fall from heaven to the world, kiss on the woman's face, is there a color enough to express the pride of the petals?


1, powder flaps

It is like a piece of rose purple petals on the eyes, and the strong rose pink wraps up the delicate eyes.

2, dew lips

The lips are clear and moist, just like the morning dew drops on the petals of the velvet pink.

Pink and deep purple are perfect, pink is covered with eyes, and the end of the eye is dyed with deep purple, as if the pink eyeshadow and the black eyeliner are mixed at the end of the eye, and the eyes are instantly charmed.

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