Case Design and Analysis of Packaging Boxes (5)

15. After adjusting this angle, use the same method to replace the corners of the red circle 1, red circle 2, and red circle 3 in the figure below. Figure 15:

16, select the flip A, B, C and then group; press the letter Ctrl key, use the mouse to drag the small black block on the top of the group's object, pull down, until the opposite mirror pattern appears When Ctrl and Zuo Jian hold down the right button, another group of clamshells is copied on the rectangular box filled with patterns, as shown in Figure 16:

17. Select the group of flip objects just copied out, rotate the pattern 180 degrees and select B, and press the “B” and “R” keys to align, as shown in Figure 17:

18, select the flip at the pattern B, hold down the Ctrl key with the mouse to drag the central small black block dragged down, etc., so that the object has been turned to the following and then let go, so at the other end is also a good flip, such as Figure 18:

(to be continued)

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