Corrugated cardboard TD-515 water-resistant additive is on the market

The new TD-515 water-repellent additive of the Jinqiang brand of corrugated cardboard produced by Jiangsu Changzhou Tianyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd. has been put into the market recently. The large number of users has shown that its performance and technical indicators are much better than similar products, thus solving the problem of traditional water resistance of corrugated cardboard. Low performance problems. The additive has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-flammable, safe and convenient. It does not need to add any equipment, is completely suitable for all types of imported, domestically-made units, and can be directly glued by adding the starch paste. The amount of 5% can be added to the dry weight of starch. ) It can achieve a special effect of 20-40 hours of water resistance. At the same time, the bonding degree of paperboard, the pressure and the ring pressure are significantly improved, making the paperboard smoother, vertical and beautiful.

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