Data Recovery Center on laboratory solutions in colleges and universities

With the increasing capacity of data, the storage safety of important data has become a very important matter. Data loss occurs due to various reasons such as hard disk failure, server downtime, and human misoperation. Data recovery technology is used as data The last line of defense in security undoubtedly plays a vital role in the field of data security. However, the current status of data recovery technology has embarrassed the entire IT industry. The scarcity of data recovery technology talents has become the biggest obstacle to data security.

The construction of a data recovery experiment center in middle and colleges and universities is a measure that keeps pace with the times. After the completion of the data recovery training center, it will cultivate a large number of professional and technical personnel for the country, society, and contribute to the country's information construction. In addition, graduates trained in data recovery technology will also give themselves points in the competition for employment, and they will certainly be favored by enterprises and institutions.

Institutions of higher learning advocate the cooperation between schools and enterprises to build a data recovery training center

Through years of technology accumulation, Darth Technology, a well-known domestic data recovery technology research and development organization, has developed many data recovery technologies with independent intellectual property rights, which occupy a large share in the domestic data recovery market. Some middle schools and colleges and enterprises jointly built a data recovery training center was mentioned on the agenda, which is an inevitable direction for the development of social technology.

Due to the advantages of technical research and industrialization of achievements of middle and high schools, data recovery technology will be deepened and improved, which is beyond the reach of enterprises. These advantages are mainly reflected in government policy support, sufficient technical personnel, abundant technical information, and excellent experimental research environment, which has prompted major breakthroughs in data recovery technology. The advantages of data recovery technology-based enterprises are that they have rich practical experience, a solid technical foundation, and strong ability to study new data recovery technologies, which is the best choice for college cooperation.

It is imperative to set up data recovery technology courses

Many secondary schools in southern China have set up data recovery technology courses. Although the technology is not deep, it has brought benefits to students in terms of employment. As data security is more and more valued by enterprises and institutions, the demand for data recovery technical personnel will be in a blowout situation. If the data recovery of middle and high schools may be included in the credits, it will play a huge role in the popularization of data recovery technology.

At the beginning of the data recovery course, school-enterprise cooperation is the best choice. Relying on the strong background and technical research of the data recovery training room of the colleges and universities, the data recovery course will move towards a systematic level and become more professional.

Demand for data recovery training for society soars

The demand for data recovery technology in society is also showing a growing trend. The construction of data recovery training rooms in colleges and universities can provide opportunities for social value-added technical training. The training of data recovery is divided into three levels, namely elementary, intermediate and advanced. The data recovery experiment center after the completion of middle and high schools will provide corresponding professional training for different groups of people.

Since Darth Data Recovery Training was opened to the society in 2007, it has jointly held classes with the security manufacturer Rising Corporation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute Training Center, and trained more than 1,000 data recovery technical personnel for enterprises . Today, Darth Data Recovery Training has opened an in-depth cooperation with the data recovery training rooms of middle and high schools. In the next few years, it will surely lead the upsurge of data recovery technology in universities.

Dasisco data recovery training room solution for colleges and universities

The Darth data recovery training room solution can provide the following services:

1. Data recovery software and hardware environment establishment and maintenance

Including data recovery software, hardware, equipment, tools, instruments, office furniture and other complexes, overall testing after project completion and subsequent maintenance.

2. Data recovery technical training

Including social data recovery training junior high school senior class, student data recovery courses. Deeply solve various difficult problems such as logical data recovery technology, hardware data recovery technology, opening data recovery technology, server data recovery technology, disk array RAID data recovery technology, Apple data recovery technology, database repair technology, mail repair technology, file repair technology, etc. .

3. Technical upgrade of data recovery training room

The Darth Data Recovery Technology R & D Center invests huge research and development expenses every year in the research and development of new data recovery technologies. These advanced data recovery technologies provide users with strong support.

Darth Independent Intellectual Property Data Recovery Technology Research Achievements

As a well-known data recovery technology research and development institution in China, Darth Technology has developed a number of data recovery software products, and each product has registered a computer software copyright in the National Copyright Administration.

(1) Data recovery solution under Windows system

1. D-Recovery Standard Standard Edition:

The first masterpiece of Darth Technology is the first professional data recovery software independently developed, which mainly solves the logical problems such as accidental deletion, accidental formatting, accidental ghost and deletion of partition merge partitions under Windows system. The effect is better, and it surpasses other data recovery software at home and abroad, and it is recommended by many experts as one of the best data recovery software so far.

2. D-Recovery For exFAT data recovery software:

Data recovery software independently developed by Darth Technology to support the exFAT file system. The data recovery effect is very good for logical problems such as data formatting, data deletion, Ghost, partition deletion, partition table corruption, and file system corruption under the exFAT file system.

(2) Data recovery solution under Linux operating system

1. D-Recovery for Linux

A high-tech product independently developed by Darth Technology that supports ext2 / ext3 / ext4 and other mainstream linux file systems. It has a very good effect on data recovery under erroneous data deletion, incorrect formatting, and partition deletion under linux. It is a powerful function Enterprise-level data recovery software.

2. D-Recovery for ReiserFS data recovery software

The professional ReiserFS file system data recovery software independently developed by Darth Technology has a very high recovery success rate for data loss situations such as ReiserFS file system corruption, file accidental deletion, partition table information damage, and super block damage. This software is used in many large enterprises Level data storage is widely used.

3. D-Recovery for UFS data recovery software

It is a professional UFS file system data recovery software independently developed by Darth Technology. It is widely used in data recovery of the Sun Solaris UFS file system and the UFS file system pin under BSD. Loss support is better.

(3) Data recovery solution under Apple MAC operating system

D-Recovery for Mac

It is a high-tech product independently developed by Darth Technology. It fully supports Apple's HFS / HFS + / HFSX file system. It is the world's most advanced Apple data recovery software. It not only scans speed blocks, but also can perform underlying scanning through Apple's default log Improve the efficiency and accuracy of data recovery. It has good recovery effect on logical failure data such as damaged partition table of Apple system, damaged file system, formatting, data accidental deletion, etc.

(4) Database repair solution

D-Recovery For MS SQL Server

It is a high-tech software product independently developed by Darth Technology. It fully supports SQL7.0 / 2000/2005. It can directly read the damaged MDF database file for Microsoft SQL database, and can accurately repair the data and export the data.

(5) Server disk array (RAID) data recovery solution

D-Recovery for RAID Darth Smart RAID Data Recovery Software

It is a high-tech product independently developed by Darth Technology. It is an intelligent RAID data recovery software that fully supports various levels such as RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID5E, RAID6, and dual-cycle. Under the NTFS file system, it supports intelligent analysis of various levels of disk array RAID parameters, with extremely powerful functions. Even a junior rookie engineer can easily accomplish RAID data recovery. It supports multiple hard drives offline, chaotic hard drive sequence, sudden power failure, RAID information loss and other failures. It is the best tool for professional data recovery engineers and technical enthusiasts. The latest algorithm of Darth Technology has been added to make RAID data recovery easier! It supports all current RAID levels, and the function is a leading position in the world.

(6) Enterprise-level data recovery solution

D-Recovery Enterprise Data Recovery Software Enterprise Edition

A data recovery software independently developed by Darth Technology for enterprise users that supports various file systems of linux and windows. It supports various file systems such as FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS / ext2 / ext3 / ext4 / exfat and data recovery. Making it easier is the best choice for enterprise user data recovery software.

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