Defoamer masterbatch reduces production costs

With the increasing shortage of petroleum resources and people’s increasing emphasis on environmental protection, recycling of plastics has become increasingly popular. However, plastic recycled materials have high moisture content after cleaning, and new plastic materials also contain a small amount of water. If they are not eliminated, bubbles will form on the surface of the processed products, which will seriously affect the appearance and quality of the products. In order to eliminate the moisture in the plastic raw materials, dryers are generally used for drying, but this has the disadvantages of prolonged processing time, loss of raw material quality, increased energy consumption, and the like, and leads to an increase in production costs.

Nowadays, a newly developed functional plastic masterbatch, defoamer masterbatch, brings a whole new approach to the problem of moisture in plastic materials. This defoamer masterbatch can be adjusted according to the amount of raw material moisture content, with a small addition amount (usually 2% to 4%), does not change the processing technology, non-toxic, no stimulation, good plasticity and other characteristics, can The large amount of moisture absorbed by the plastic during the molding process can be widely used in the processing of recycled materials, damp-proof plastics, and degradable plastics, and can guarantee the product yield, increase production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ultimately reduce production costs on the premise of ensuring product quality.

This kind of anti-foaming masterbatch has broad market prospects and can be used for polyolefin, nylon and other plastic resins and recycled materials. It not only simplifies the drying process, but also produces good economic benefits.

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