Developed recycling and reuse technology of waste aluminum and plastic packaging

The High-Tech Research Institute of the Science and Technology Association of Shenqiu County in Henan Province recently developed a technology for the recycling and recycling of waste aluminum and plastic packaging so that the waste aluminum and plastic packaging materials that are not easily recycled can separate plastics from aluminum.

The amount of aluminum-plastic composite packaging waste that is widely used in many industries such as food factories and pharmaceutical plants is increasing year by year. In the past, due to the sticking of aluminum and plastic in such packaging waste, it could not be used for aluminum smelting, nor could it produce recycled plastics. It could only be disposed of and burned, which would not only pollute the environment but also waste resources. Shenqiu County Association of Science and Technology High-tech Research Institute has undergone hundreds of experiments, using simple equipment, the use of secondary chemical reaction method to successfully separate aluminum and plastic, can be separated from 0.85 tons of recycled plastics per ton of waste aluminum plastic and 0. 1 tons of waste aluminum, its economic and social benefits are very obvious.

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