Drying box standard application scope summary

The applicable scope of each standard of drying oven is as follows:

The JBT standard is applicable to a hot air circulating oven with a heating temperature of 60°C to 140°C.

The JBT standard applies to electric drying ovens and electric blast drying ovens. Does not apply to vacuum drying oven, far-infrared drying oven and explosion-proof drying oven and other special types of drying oven.

The JBT 9505-1999 standard is applicable to vacuum drying ovens for heating and drying of materials under vacuum conditions.

The JBT 8282-1999 standard is applicable to far-infrared far-infrared drying ovens for far infrared radiation energy generators for drying materials.

Drying ovens can be divided into two categories: electric blast drying ovens and vacuum drying ovens, depending on the type of dry material.


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