Educational information solution

After experiencing the upsurge of the basic construction stage of education informatization, education users gradually rationally return to the principle of "use", looking for various solutions that can solve practical application problems, and should set up the main business that is daily teaching and management work. On the basis of informatization, integrate information technology into the ecosystem of education and teaching environment, and play an increasingly important role in all aspects of education and government informationization, education administration, education and teaching services, school-based teaching and research, and the improvement of the overall application level of informationization. An important role in promoting and promoting, effectively improving the effectiveness of teaching and management (including effectiveness and efficiency), and promoting the modernization of education management and teaching.

Our company has long been focused on the construction of educational informatization. After in-depth discussions with experts and careful communication with customers, we have learned the actual situation and needs of the education market. We have successfully developed a series of educational informatization software using our own advanced information technology. Metropolitan area network information release, online office, teaching resource management and construction, school management, campus security, auxiliary teaching, etc. provide a full range of services, greatly promoting the entire educational informatization process. Our company's education informatization series products not only meet the actual needs of customers, but also adhere to the excellent concept that our company has always adhered to in the field of education informatization construction and application, providing a comprehensive, reasonable and perfect solution for the construction of education informatization. .

The overall solution of education informatization includes two parts:

The city (district, county) education metropolitan area network is based on computer network technology, with network education resources and education software as the core, for the purpose of realizing informatization education and centralized management, and improving the efficiency of teaching and management as the fundamental Regional education informationization provides a large-scale education network with comprehensive services.

Multimedia digital campus network is based on digital information, supported by computer technology, network system, communication technology, supports school teaching and management information flow, and realizes the collection, processing, and management of campus information such as education, teaching, scientific research, management, and technical services. A virtual educational environment that integrates, stores, transmits, and uses, digitizes teaching resources, and can be fully optimized. The basic framework should include campus network construction, digital library construction, MIS system (management information system) construction and auxiliary teaching. Building a digital campus is of great significance for primary and secondary schools to seize the commanding heights of education informatization and achieve leapfrog development of primary and secondary education.

Program features

n Application-oriented, easy to operate

n Leading technology and powerful function

n Good compatibility, open and expandable

n Unified user management

n Safe and reliable

n Comprehensive and lasting service

Educational information solution

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