Everest Gonglue: the most "corrupt" Everest climbing method [Photos]

Experience of Everest Base Camp

Itinerary: Lhasa (3650m) - Shigatse (3900m) - Ziegel (4200m) - Everest Base Camp (5200m)

Prologue: Shigatse and Zieger are necessary places for the Everest Base Camp. Arnen Rob, who had summited Everest five times, was the leader and their jeep opened ahead. All the way to the north, the vegetation is becoming scarce. In addition to the gullies extending from top to bottom, there is nothing in the mountain range. The mountain is exposed to the dark brass color of the metal under the sunlight, and the huge shadow cast by the clouds aggravates the color. My companion told me that there will be clouds in places where there is water. We are approaching Mount Everest, where there are boundless snow-capped mountains, and the clouds on top of the head are getting thicker and thicker, so close and far away. Above the plateau stands a 200-meter hill, standing low in front of you, but at every step you have to pay a huge price.

From Shigatse to Xie Geer, we were blocked in the middle of the road because of road construction. After getting off the train, many people sat on the banks of the river. There was a bridge connecting the two banks. The river opposite was a mountain and the mountain was an abandoned temple. From the top of the hill, you can see the walls of the defeat. Several people decide to climb the mountain. The team splits into two roads. It turns out that it is a wise decision to climb slowly from the left side of the mountain. You want to go straight from the middle to the middle of the mountain. I found that I was unable to move forward. I had to step down and start from the left. This little training gave us a profound understanding of how important it is to choose an appropriate climbing route. In many cases, the right route takes more time and effort, which is a shortcut to twists and turns.

The journey is repeated and reaches 8 km from Everest.

This is Mount Everest. Like other plateau peaks, it is desolated and poor, and grass is not born. It is covered in snow.

An off-road vehicle caught in a swamp in the river also proved this view, because roads were blocked and several French people wanted to cross the marshes by the river. The marshland looked dry and there was no sign of water, but the danger was hidden. In calm, as Mongdui told me, the most dangerous thing in mountain climbing is the dark crack covered by snow, because it is the danger that the eyes can't see. The buggy got deeper and deeper. The alpine guides Mongdui, Gemi, and the Japanese and Pakistani people who served as our activities rushed to help and eventually pulled the SUV out with the help of another car. The people around them applauded and cheered. There are many such things in outdoor activities. This is the simplest emotion between people. Jimi said, “When climbing, when I encounter difficulties, others will help me.” Although we must say goodbye to different directions.

Red Flag stayed at the Ziegel

It was already 9:30 in the evening when we reached Xie Geer. We awoke from the drowsiness. The stars like a silver river flowed over our heads. There were a few bright spots in the middle. Everyone started arguing about the distribution of the constellations. The dullness on the way was break in. Unfortunately, for this trip, the small town of Xie Geer has always been hiding in the darkness. When we arrived, it was night. When we set off in the early morning, the Xifeng’s Everest Hotel gathered tourists from all walks of life. Returnees and upcoming people. There is also an outdoor shop in the hotel. We set off at 6 o'clock in the morning and it will open here.

Along the way, Awang Robbs continued to emphasize that it takes a long period to climb Mount Everest. It is best to have two months before and after. It is very important to adapt to a certain altitude. If it can rise several hundred meters, A high degree of adaptability for about three days will relieve the physical discomfort in climbing. However, from the altitude of 1,000 meters between Xiege and Everest Base Camp, there are no strongholds. Those who want to summit at Everest must go to base camp to adapt to the situation.

The adaptation of the base camp should take place for a week or so, then continue to rise, and continue to return. Such a rhythm is like one person constantly adjusting his breathing.

From Xie Geer to Everest Base Camp, some people suffered from headaches and coughs. The team doctor advised the red flag of the photographer to stay at Xie Geer. She cried at the dinner table. Everest is right in front of him. If he misses it, he will not come back. Although he has not felt the height of Everest, he cannot resist the yearning for it. There is a most widely-known legend about Everest: long ago, there were three sisters in the sky, the youngest and the oldest, the tallest. Once they came to earth to play and have a good time. It's time to go home. Both sisters are back. The youngest sister could not bear the world and stayed. She is now Everest. The younger sister who stayed saw how many people in the world were fascinated by her. She did not even care about her death. Some people in the car said that as long as enough money is paid, the Nepalese Sherpas can climb the climbers off Mount Everest. This experience has become the capital that the climbers later show off. If only to show off, they also put themselves at risk at some point.

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