Fashion closet storage Dafa men can also easily deal with

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Men are most like clean and tidy, but at the same time they are very troublesome about storage, so men need a storage wardrobe . If you are not good at finding clothes and clothing, open cloakroom is a good choice; if you hate seasonal storage, You can consider the freely retractable cabinet; if the height of the suspension is too high, the lifting and rotating wardrobe can be easily solved, and the storage will encounter too many problems, as long as you find a solution, it is also a fun thing.

Open cloakroom

Brand: Cobo Bolognese

Cobo Boloni Wardrobe

The traditional cloakroom is “smashed” by layers of wood, and the design of Cobo Boloni subtly releases the space. The metal frame structure replaces the side panels of the cabinet, and the flexible combination allows you to install a beautiful and practical cloakroom with only 4-8 square meters of space. The designer used a titanium-aluminum alloy slide bracket, a laminate and a floor cabinet to form a unique top-wall connection. The laminate can be adjusted to any height on the metal column.

Wardrobe can be stretched and shrunk

Brand: Sofia

Sophia wardrobe

As the seasons change, you can change the space between the wardrobes to accommodate different seasons. An innovative design from Sofia solves this problem. The AB cabinet is composed of a retractable cabinet, which can be freely equipped with C and D sub-cabinets. The length of the clothes rail can be adjusted as needed. You can also decide whether the drawer is on the left or right when installing the wardrobe.

Rolling Pin

Silicone Rolling Pinhas strong stability and heat-insulating property.Using non-stick treatment technology, non stick wet flour, easy to clean, long service life.Widely used in the process of pastries, handmade noodles, pizza, bread,Perfect tool for French Fondant, dough and other pasta's,especially in the family kitchen, the Wooden Rolling Pin will give your home life more convenient and fun
With Sturdy handles to ensure secure grip it makes spreading any dough easier and gives the ability to apply maximum pressure
Most dough just won't stick to the slick silicone surface. For trickier doughs, simply spray with a light coat of oil or sprinkle a bit of flour.Rolling Pin will be a great helper,making your cooking a breeze!

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