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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the current wardrobe market, the wardrobe can be customized is not a new topic, but many wardrobe brands in addition to the size of the price can be customized according to consumer preferences, and those are customizable? Today, Xiaobian introduces you to the European-style louver series wardrobe, which is a high-grade wardrobe that consumers can match.

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Evaluation brand European style wardrobe

Evaluation Products Oupai Louver Series Wardrobe--Su Xiangtong

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European style wardrobe

This European-style louver wardrobe is designed with its simple and stylish sleek design to give a natural and comfortable visual effect. In the use of style, it is mixed with the diversified elements of North America and Europe, soft white, with elegant waistline, faint Jane European style, simple but not simple, reflecting the owner's high-end pursuit of quality of life.


Wardrobe evaluation

The base of the Oupai louver series wardrobe is solid wood particle board. Particle board is one of the most important cabinet substrates on the market. Because of its internal granularity with cross-displacement structure, it has good nail holding power, can be nailed and screwed, has good stability, high strength and is not easy to be deformed. . Moreover, the particle board wood fiber particles are larger, and more retain the essence of natural wood, so it is popular among users. The waistline of this wardrobe is made of elegant graphics drawn with cracked paint.

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