German nursing home uses Ekahau Wi-Fi real-time positioning system

Ekahau (Professional Wi-Fi real-time location system (RTLS) solution) and system integrator Adams Weber have announced that they have jointly deployed a Wi-Fi local area network (WLAN) -based location and emergency call system, location At the Joseph Ek Pen Senior Care Center in Neuwied, Germany.

According to Ekahau, the system utilizes Ekahau ’s Wi-Fi RTLS technology, including battery-powered Wi-Fi radio frequency identification tags and a software system for monitoring the actions of the elderly. As long as there is a danger, caregivers can quickly intervene to prevent The accident happened.

The monitored person only needs to cut Ekahau's Wi-Fi wristband, which is waterproof, has a bi-color LED signal light, and a call button, which can be used to request help and other functions.

The positioning of the tag is determined by monitoring the signal strength between the Wi-Fi access point and the tag.

The Joseph Ecb Senior Home is using the system to monitor every elderly living in the home 24/7.

The solution allows the elderly to move more freely, especially those with dementia or other people whose movement is restricted, Ekahau reports.

In addition to the guardian ’s need to wear a wristband tag, staff should also be equipped with Ekahau ’s B4 Wi-Fi pager, which they can use to send an alarm to alert the accident and the guardian ’s location.

In the past, emergency switches could only be triggered by personal alarms.

The new pager allows employees to trigger alarms and summon other colleagues to come and assist themselves.

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