How to choose the screen of the screen

Mesh product is the object of quality control of color printing process. To print high-quality fine-mesh products, it is crucial to keep the technology of the production process in check.

1. Select the proper color spacer to make the dots clear and smooth.

Regardless of whether it is the embossing process printing halftone product or the typographical process printing dot, the degree of softness and hardness of the liner is an important factor that determines the dot printing effect. If the pad is too soft, dot printing can easily deform and expand. To make small outlets clear and smooth, neutral stiffer pads should be used. Insulating paper, cardboard, kraft paper, film base, etc. are rigid backing materials. The cloth, muslin, and newspaper are soft linings that are easily deformed after being pressed.

2, adjust the appropriate printing pressure.

Toppan and lithographic process printing dot products require the transfer of prints through pressure. If the pressure is too high, it will easily cause the dots to expand and deform and even speed up the wear of the printing plate. If the pressure is too small, the dot reproduction effect is poor, the dots are easily blurred, and the image quality of the printed image is poor. The printing pressure should be suitable for uniform and moderate contact between the rollers and between the platen and the printing plate (boss), so that the contact embossing is in a relatively parallel state.

3. Adjust the contact pressure of the ink roller on the printing plate, and use a suitable soft and hard roller.

The rubber roller is the main carrier of ink transmission. Adjusting its proper contact pressure on the printing plate has an important effect on the dot printing quality. Ink roll pressure is too large, easy to make the screen mesh wear and deformation, and easy to produce paste situation. If the pressure of the ink roller is too small, it is easy to cause the ink on the plate to be uneven and insufficient, which makes the dot printing unclear.

4, choose the finest ink for printing.

If the fineness of the ink is used to print the dots, the ink pigments are coarse, and the dots of the printed product tend to be hairy. The printing plate has a low printing durability. Ink fineness is also easy to produce paste problems. Therefore, printing dot products should be printed with high fineness ink. The fineness of the ink, the concentration of large, can make the print outlets clear and full.

5, pay attention to adjust the ink viscosity and fluidity.

The viscosity of the ink is large, which can easily cause uneven ink transfer. Dot pull and flower version, paste version and other phenomena; ink viscosity is small, it is easy to make the ink emulsified, and make the layout appear floating dirty and other undesirable conditions. The fluidity of the ink is closely related to the viscosity, and the ink with a large viscosity has a relatively small fluidity. On the contrary, liquidity is great. The fluidity of the ink is too small, and it is easy to cause the coating not to be smooth and uneven, so that the reproduction effect of the printing dots is poor; the ink with too high fluidity is liable to make the dots less full and the resolution is poor. Therefore, when the viscosity and fluidity of the ink are not suitable, adjustments may be made by using additives such as auxiliaries and adjusting ink.

6, pay attention to choose the right paper for printing fine mesh products.

The smoothness of the paper directly determines the print quality of the dot. If the smoothness of the paper is poor, the dots cannot be accurately restored. Due to the depression in the paper surface, the small dots cannot be printed, so the effect of the print quality is not necessarily good. Therefore, the printing halftone product should pay attention to selecting a paper with good smoothness to ensure the true reproduction of the original. In general, the smoothness of paper or paperboard such as coated paper and glass cards is better, and the quality of printed fine mesh products is better.

7, should pay attention to the maintenance of equipment, to prevent network printing and deformation.

The precision of the equipment determines the printing quality of the product. If the accuracy of the equipment is poor, the value of the printing dot increases, and the quality of the product is necessarily poor. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of equipment, and do a good job in the lubrication of key components, such as roller gears, shaft heads, linkage imprinting devices, etc., to maintain a good lubrication state, to prevent machine parts from wear, loosening caused by imprint expansion, hair Flower or ghosting caused by dot printing distortion.

8, pay attention to control the appropriate printing speed, improve the accuracy of registration.

9, according to the color number of printed products, a reasonable choice of models for printing to ensure the quality of printed products.

Practice has shown that choosing an appropriate printer for printing based on the characteristics of the print is an important way to improve product quality. Multi-color overprint fine-mesh products, should try to use multi-color machine printing, in order to improve the quality of product registration.

In summary, as long as the emphasis is placed on the separation of various technological processes in a good production process, and based on the characteristics of the product, appropriate process technologies are adopted.

Paper Slitting Machine

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Paper Slitting Machine

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