How to determine the quality of the bag Cesareiluo you can trust

Although the quality of big bags, but the price of tens of thousands of people let a lot of people hope and stop, so many people choose hundred bags, although these bags are not as big known, but in terms of quality and style is Than the general dozens of bags is much better, but how to determine the quality of the bag it? Today, tell everyone from three point of view the quality of the bag Oh!

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First of all, we have to look at the material of the bag, which is the most important part of the selection of bags Oh, there are many kinds of materials for making bags, cloth, PU, ​​leather and so on. Cloth material is very good judgment, through the feel you can feel the difference of quality, but the leather is mainly leather and PU leather two. At present, most bags are made of PU leather fabric, that is, a thin layer of leather glued on a layer of PU, so feel good, good gloss, but the tag is still marked on the use of leather or sheepskin. In fact, this fabric is good, feel similar to leather, but not as expensive as leather, not dirty, durable.

The second judge from the work. Bags relative to other sewing materials sewing material is much thicker, but also a lot of hard, and sewing out but also have a certain shape and three-dimensional feeling, so the bag sewing requirements are high. Look at the sewing of the bag is fine, we generally start from the details, such as the edge of the package edge there is no extra, especially inside the bag, hand strap with no distortion, this process is the need for skills and physical strength, The easiest way is to pull a few zipper to see if it is smooth, if not smooth, indicating a bit twisted package body, if the slider squeeze into the cloth, and that work a bit bad! Also depends on the bag opened, the cloth should be close to the fabric, the internal space at a glance, and the corresponding size of the package body, if not, it shows that the work of the bag is not very good, oh.

The third is the hardware accessories. There are some hardware accessories on each bag, the most common is the zipper! A good bag of hardware accessories are very bright, bad hardware looks only rough electroplating, did not throw light, the surface is not smooth, but the color is not pure. Some other decorations, such as diamond knot is not strong, the color is not correct, I believe we have some discrimination on this. Good hardware accessories and some metal trademarks are polished steel plating, it is not easy to rust or oxidation.

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So choose the brand is very important, Ceflil you trustworthy.

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