How to make package design work more pleasing

Packaging design work must have aesthetic value. The beauty of design is the expression of beauty in design. It is the aesthetic features of lines, colors, etc. that can be seen in a lawful connection that can cause beauty. Works with the form of beauty, in order to perfectly reflect the design theme, so that your packaging design works more pleasing, giving viewers the feeling of beauty.

Strengthen the integrity of the layout, highlight the design theme

The ultimate goal of packaging design is to strengthen the integrity of the layout, make the layout clear, get a complete, order, clarity and good visual impact, highlight the theme, and achieve the best effect.

In the design, there must be emptiness and reality, and the actual situation should be echoed. The completeness of the structure does not mean all aspects are exhausted. It is necessary to leave room for appropriateness and leave blanks around the topics to be highlighted. Blankness plays an important role in packaging design. It can ease the tension and complexity of the layout. Highlight the theme, improve the visual effect, and at the same time help the flow of sight, to eliminate boring feelings.

The overall layout of packaging design should have a certain point of view, according to the visual law studied by psychologists, the ability to appeal to the upper part of the screen is stronger than the lower part, therefore, usually the viewpoint is arranged on the center of the layout in order to achieve "theme highlights." .

Sometimes, according to the needs of the design theme concept, arranging specific viewpoints on the screen can lead to novel and unique visual transmission of beauty, attractive eyesight, and outstanding artistic effects.

The packaging design should not only pay attention to the visual flow of the main display surface, but also pay attention to the coherence of the line of sight of each packaging surface, so as to guide people's sightlines and quickly, vividly and accurately appreciate the theme of packaging design works.

Use a combination of symmetry and equilibrium to maintain a balanced sense of the entire layout

In the packaging design should consider the overall layout of the sense of visual balance, according to the human visual psychology to design, under normal circumstances, the right side of the request is more important than some, in order to obtain visual sense of balance.

Symmetry is widely used in packaging design, giving people a dignified, stable, orderly and tidy beauty, but there are negative or rigid deficiencies, and there are negative factors of stability in the balance. In order to complement each other, they are often combined and used in packaging design to obtain a visually-quiet and stable feeling.

Pursuit of creativity, outstanding personality, focus on emotion

In packaging design, we must pursue creativity, highlight novel and unique personality expressions, and create a fantastic space environment. We must pursue humor, wit, mystery and other forms of expression to attract consumers, get rid of obsolescence and mediocrity, and inject new ideas into the design. The life produces wonderful and wonderful visual effects.
"Stimulating with affection" is the principle practiced in artistic creation and is also the principle practiced in packaging design. Accurately conveying emotions, or being fresh and elegant, or passionate, or lively, or rigorous, is an artistic expression at a higher level of packaging design.

Packaging styling and layout must have appropriate proportional relationship and scale

The proportion is the symmetry between the components of the constituent elements and is the structural basis of art. The beautiful composition has a proper proportional relationship and scale. There are several ideal ratios, the most typical of which is the "gold ratio", in which the maximum harmony is achieved in the package shape and the layout of the block surface, which shows a dynamic beauty. Sometimes, for the sake of visual special effects, it will deliberately destroy the normal proportional relationship to attract attention.

In the packaging design, attention should be paid to the appropriateness of contrast and reconciliation, and requirements should be clear and not dazzling, harmonious and not plain.

Contrast is the most important technique for achieving strong results in packaging design. Contrast is the difference of emphasis, and the occurrence of conflict is the use of mutual contrast of various factors to achieve the expressiveness of sense of quantity, reality and sense of direction. Usually, in the same layout, various contrast relationships blend together. In contrast, the clearer and clearer the contrast, the stronger the visual effect. Reconciliation is a similar emphasis, seeking common ground, alleviating contradictions, and creating a visually uniform effect. Contrast and reconcile each other as cause and effect, and jointly create the beauty of the layout.

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