In-depth development of the overall wardrobe

[China] net wardrobe whole wardrobe rapid development in recent years of internal Chinese, has become a sunrise industry, at the same time we are increasingly concerned about the art of living, but also to people's eyes more autonomy and creative features turn into, and a whole wardrobe The walk-in cloakroom is also becoming more and more popular.

Overall wardrobe

The advantage of the whole wardrobe is that it will be tailor-made, mechanized production, space saving, stylish and elegant combination, can be designed according to the needs of each person, in combination with the style of existing furniture in order to match the overall space, The integration of the whole wardrobe and furniture and the decoration of the whole room are integrated.

With the development and improvement of the overall wardrobe industry, the four major genres have gradually formed. Whether it is a French-style wardrobe system with a romantic artistic sense and a Danish-style overall wardrobe that is known for its simplicity, it is still a design-style Italian wardrobe system and Pursuing the uniform design of the German system's overall wardrobe, pulling them to the front of the overall wardrobe, the achievement of a country's wardrobe genre is the culture of the overall wardrobe, which dominates and determines the brand influence of the overall wardrobe, is the overall wardrobe in the market The central nervous system of survival is the soul in the closet.

At present, the Chinese wardrobe market is spread a lot of Western culture. When a small brand is created, it is actually a brand that wears a foreign coat, because those brand creators like to give it a virtual resume, even There is a fake effect. But such a brand actually has no cultural roots. The products they produce are actually empty shells of culture. Then, does China’s wardrobe home culture really need to be packaged with foreign culture to have a market? This is not necessarily true. After all, China's oriental wisdom home culture has a history of many years. From the Luban era to the present, it has spanned many centuries. So what is our wardrobe home culture? I believe that the wardrobe enterprises have already got the answer.

Wardrobe enterprises must use the local cultural heritage to create the root of the culture that belongs to our country's wardrobe industry. Only when there is a cultural root in the industry, can the industry make culture become the spear of the industry, and the soul of the vulnerable wardrobe can be built in the market. It belongs to the industry of its own emperor, otherwise it is still a foreign brand.

The Chinese traditional culture is profound and profound. It is a national culture that reflects the evolution of civilization and reflects the national characteristics and style. It is the overall representation of various ideological cultures and conceptual forms in the history of the nation. Lima Wardrobe is a fashion home enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and installation. Since its establishment, it has always been guided by the mission of “plastic national brand, first-class service” and guided by the international vision and professional spirit to create a modern, artistic, environmentally friendly and Chinese-style home life. Lima wardrobe as an emerging force in the overall wardrobe industry, inspirational to introduce the whole wardrobe into the Chinese market, as a high-end brand in the industry.

The personalized style is integrated into the domestic consumer's living room, positioning on the needs of consumers. The overall wardrobe design should create a comfortable and elegant home space for consumers with unique elegance and excellent quality. The wardrobe enterprise should advocate and practice the low-carbon, environmentally friendly, humanized and personalized wardrobe culture, and truly penetrate the Chinese family as a wardrobe culture communicator.

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