Ink film thickness control in flexographic printing

Flexo printing is growing faster than any other printing method. Flexo printing is a more complex printing technology. In order to obtain print quality that can be easily achieved by gravure or offset printing, more variable factors must be controlled in flexographic printing. From this point of view, the development of flexographic printing is even more rapid. It can be imagined that the extent of expansion of flexographic printing will increase when more printers can compete with gravure and offset printers in terms of quality and stability through flexographic printing.

One of the biggest challenges in flexo printing is the control of ink film thickness, which is not a problem at all in other printing methods. For this reason, the operator of the printing press must understand the characteristics of flexo printing, make the best configuration of each part of the printing press, and be able to effectively control various variable factors in the production operation and coordinate them harmoniously. This has a very important role in controlling the ink film thickness and obtaining a very high flexographic quality. In order to realize the best configuration in each link in flexo printing production, to discover and effectively control various variable factors, it should be tested in advance. Once variable factors are found, quantitative tests can be performed and appropriate control measures can be taken. Only if you get control first, you can continue to improve. Its purpose is to change the adverse conditions in which flexo printing production depends to a large extent on the technical level of the operators themselves.

The low transfer ink anilox roller, squeegee and printing plate are the three key links that need to be regulated. The ink substrate, printing pressure, printing press and printing speed are the variable factors that must be dynamically controlled during the start-up printing process.

twist car

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Twist Car

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