Intelligent lighting incubator temperature setting please refer to the intelligent digital temperature controller manual

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. develops the LNB brand light incubator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly and domestically leading.
Features: With ultra-thin sensor abnormal protection function to ensure the safety of instruments and samples; the selection of full-spectrum plant growth lamps is conducive to plant growth and improve disease resistance. With power-down memory, power-down time automatic compensation function; constant temperature control system, fast response, high temperature control accuracy.
Uses: Microcomputer automatic control, touch switch, easy to operate; programmable multi-segment control mode, temperature, humidity, illuminance and time can be set separately during day and night. Air duct ventilation, studio wind speed is gentle, temperature is uniform; hollow reflective tempered film glass, good thermal insulation performance, beautiful appearance. Fully enclosed opaque lampshade, optional studio power supply, disinfection device, etc.
Instructions for use 1. Turn on the power, close the power switch, power on the whole machine, and the power indicator in the switch is on.
2. Please refer to the manual of intelligent digital temperature controller for temperature control setting.
3. If you need lighting, turn on the light switch.
4. This incubator has a breakpoint protection function and a delay function of about one and a half minutes. It takes about one and a half minutes to start again after the compressor stops.
Maintenance and Maintenance 1. The incubator housing should be grounded reliably.
2. The incubator should be placed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from heat and sunlight. Place it smoothly to prevent noise from occurring.
3. In order to ensure the effective heat dissipation of the condenser, the distance between the condenser and the wall should be greater than 100mm. There should be a 50mm gap on the side of the box and at least 300mm on the top of the box.
4. When the incubator is transported, repaired and maintained, it should avoid collision, shaking and shaking; the maximum inclination is less than 45 degrees.
5. The instrument suddenly does not work. Please check whether the fuse tube (after the box) is burnt out and check the power supply.
6. When the incubator is working in refrigeration, it is not advisable to make the difference between the temperature inside the box and the ambient temperature greater than 25 degrees.
Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. is a technologically innovative high-tech enterprise based in Shanghai and radiating the whole country. The company has first-class technicians and a good team of technicians, with advanced technology and strong development strength. Since its establishment, the company has The service is recognized by the customers and has a good reputation. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, innovation and growth" to provide customers with meticulous service. The company's main business and production scope are: testing equipment, laboratory equipment, cleaning equipment, environmental protection equipment and design customization of non-standard products and provide related technical services.
Shanghai Xinzhuang follows the policy of “survival by quality, development by technology, efficiency by management, and credibility by service”. Every step of equipment, every project, every link, welcome you to buy!


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