Jiangyin developed a fully automatic vertical and horizontal cutter

Jiangyin Yangzi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., based on the needs of the packaging market in recent years, combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology, self-designed and manufactured ZH Q - 600 automatic vertical and horizontal paper cutter recently put into the market, filling the Jiangyin region can not produce high speed Crossbar cutter blank.

With regard to the weaknesses of slow hand-cutting, low output, poor quality, large amount of waste products and inability to mass-produce in the packaging industry, Jiangyin Yangzi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. technicians inspected the market, researched meticulously, and combined advanced technologies at home and abroad, and used electric appliances in Japan. Matsushita Electric originally imported computers, multi-media touch screens, inverters and stepper drivers, and other hardware, processes using dual frequency synchronization adjustment, dual stepping positioning, photoelectric tracking, hydraulic lift operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

Named:  Mug/Coffee Cup(Porcelain Mug)

Material: Porcelain

Style: Full white

Capacity: 280cc/320cc/350cc/400cc

Package: Bulk packing/Gift box/Color box

MOQ: 3000/color

Port: Shenzhen


Porcelain Mug

Hot Coffee Mug,Porcelain Coffee Mug,Porcelain White Mug,White Porcelain Mugs

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