Logo Design Concept - Art Rule

Law of art

1. Symbolic beauty

Logo art is a unique graphic design art. It abstracts the shapes, symbols (including words), colors, etc. of things, which are derived from nature, society, and people's concepts, and then refines and processes them through art. It is structured into a complete artistic graphic symbol, which distinguishes it from decorative drawings and other art. design.

To some extent, logo graphic symbols have the symbolism of simplicity, aggregability and abstraction, and sometimes even directly use ready-made text symbols, but they are completely different from text symbols. It is embodied in a graphical form (ready-to-use text symbols must be graphically modified), with more distinctive visual, artistic and consensus symbols.

Symbolism is the most important art rule in logo design. Logo art is a graphic symbol art.

2. Characteristic beauty

Characteristic beauty is also a unique artistic feature of logo art.

What symbolic graphics embody is not the individual characteristics (individuality) of individual things, but the intrinsic characteristics (commonness) of the same kind of things, or the category characteristics. Through artistic enhancement and exaggeration of these features, consensus artistic effects are achieved. This is quite different from other plastic arts that have achieved impressive artistic effects through their flesh and blood.

However, its performance on the common characteristics of things is not stereotyped and conceptualized. The same general characteristics can and must have different personality styles in different designs, so each has unique artistic charm.

3. Concise beauty

Compact composition and concise graphics are the structural beauty principles that sign art must follow. The logo is not only used alone, but is often used in various kinds of documents, promotional materials, advertising, video and other visual communication. With the symbol of concise beauty, not only in any visual propaganda (regardless of how much or how much shrink) can show its own independent symbolic beauty, but also a strong decorative beauty of visual communication. Conciseness is not simple, and the concise structural beauty can only be obtained through refined art refinement and generalization.

4. Simple beauty

The language of sign art must be simple and simple, and it must be made redundant. Everything is optional, available but not necessary graphics, symbols, text, and colors are not used; details of all non-essential features are resolutely removed; there is no need to express them in an artistic manner; they can be expressed in a little bit by bit. Never add a little bit of color. Highly simple and highly aesthetic, it is the difficulty of the art of logo design. Logo Design Performance Means

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