New coated post-printing cardboard

A new type of high-quality coated bleachboard was recently launched by MeadWestvaco Corp.'s Packaging Resource Department (PRG), which enables corrugated box manufacturers to obtain excellent post-printing reproductions that help them create corrugated packaging for them. End customers show the best image.

Bob Lippincott, the company’s product manager, said that “high-end multi-color flexible printing corrugated and flat paper mills can produce compelling packaging for many middlemen and consumer product manufacturers, but so far they have not received support. The required material." "And our new coating of post-print products is specifically designed to help them achieve high-end pattern printing."

This coated post-printing paperboard is a solid fiber, double-sided coating, bleached C1S paperboard, which is specifically designed to roll feed the corrugated paper line prior to flexible post-printing. It provides excellent whiteness (GE 86) and a very smooth print surface (less than 15 Sheffield smoothness), resulting in a superior quality carton with great shelf appeal.

MeadWestvaco's new paperboard also reduces the phenomenon of distorting printed patterns on the washboard and prevents scratches during the processing of the corrugations, which can further improve the appearance of the post-printed carton. In addition, the printed surface of the coated printing paperboard is very smooth and can eliminate the need for coating oil in many box productions.

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