Oil palm shell blasting pulp production packing board method

Patent Name Oil Palm Shell Bursting Pulp Production Packaging Cardboard Method Patent Applicant Zhejiang Xerar Investment Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 324000, inventor of Saier Enterprise Building, No. 2 Shiqiao Street, Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province Fu Yuan; Xu Jinwei; Yin Yunhua; Huang Guowen Application (Patent) No. 200510018735.8 Application Date 2005.05.19 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 1702235 Approval Notice Day 2005.11.30 Instruction CD-ROM D0548 Main Classification No. D21C3/02 Classification No. D21C3/02; D21F13/00; D21H17/63; D21H17/ 00; D21H21/10; D21H11/08 Division Original Application No. Priority Item Abstract Oil palm shell explosion pulp production packaging cardboard method, belongs to the pulping and papermaking technology field, specifically the method of blasting pulp production packaging cardboard. The method comprises the following steps of: Hammering, washing and stacking pretreatment of oil palm shell materials; adding caustic soda and auxiliaries for impregnation; placing the impregnated raw materials into a blasting pot for steaming, and then discharging the slurry to spray Warehouse; waste liquid extraction: use pulper to extract waste liquid from slurry, waste liquid is used comprehensively or sent to sewage treatment plant; pulp countercurrent washing, purification, medium consistency refining, seasoning, blasting pulp alone or with waste pulp, commodity Sulphate wood pulp with copy high-strength corrugated base paper, cardboard and other packaging cardboard. The present invention starts from the characteristics of the biological tissues of palm husk, adopts a low-pollution blasting method, and the slurry mixes the packaging cardboard so that the palm husk fiber raw material is fully utilized. This method has a high yield, a low cost, and a pulp. Good strength performance, especially high crush strength, is very suitable for making high-strength packaging board. Sovereignty Item 1. Oil palm shell blasting Pulp production method of packaging paperboard, which is characterized by the following steps: Pretreatment of palm husk: Through hammer mill, water wash, dry or wet stacking, chemical impregnation: palm husk raw material Add 1 to 5% of alkali, 0-1% auxiliaries to dry materials, the ratio of total liquid to dry material is 1.2-1.8, immersed at 40-95°C for 0-1 hours, steam Blasting: Put the chemically impregnated raw material into a blasting tank and steam for 8-18 min under a pressure of 1.2-2.0 Mpa. Then the blasting material is instantaneously blasted and discharged to the blasting bin. Waste liquid extraction: using a pulper to blast The waste liquid in the pulp is extracted, the waste liquid is comprehensively utilized or sent to the sewage treatment plant, the pulp is washed countercurrently, screened and purified, and the medium-consistency refining is performed: the medium-consistency pulp refiner is used for the concentration of 6-8% of the palm nut shell blasting slurry. For refining, the degree of beating is 38-50°SR. The sizing is performed using 1-4% Rosin gum or paraffin rosin, 1.5-6% aluminum sulphate for dry fiber, making paper for packing: Paper Machine or Fourdrinier or Stacker Machine with 100% Oil Palm Shell Burst, or 60-80 Oil palm husk blasting pulp, waste paper pulp 20-40%, or 35-55% oil palm husk blasting pulp, waste paper pulp 30-40%, 15-25% sulphate pulp or kraft paper corrugated sheet-forming testliner. International Application International Publication Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Wuhan Kaiyuan Patent Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Zhu Shenghua

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