Old glass refurbishment technology passed certification

Guangzhou Boruid Industrial Co., Ltd. completed the research on the refurbishment technology of beer bottle old bottles. Recently, the scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting on this technology was held in Guangzhou.

The appraisal committee unanimously held that: The mechanical part has advanced performance, reasonable structure, safety and reliability, easy operation, and a high degree of automation, reaching the domestic advanced level. The FXJ old bottle retreader has formed a series of products that can meet the matching needs of the 4,000-60,000 bottles per hour filling production line. The sales of the products are strictly according to the requirements of Q/(JB)BRD1-2004, and the refurbishment pass rate is 99%. , Refurbishment fluid loss ≤ 0.0556 g / bottle, equipment noise ≤ 65dB (A), total power <2.5KW.

The machine's liquid supply mechanism and stem drying mechanism are technically innovative and suitable for glass bottles with different diameters and heights, which greatly saves the investment of beer production companies.

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