Packaging with dispensing device with valve attachment

Patent name Packaging with distribution device with valve attachment Patent applicant Sivquist closure Foreign company Principal applicant Address Illinois inventor JM Hess III; S.R. Brown; J.R. Robinson T.R. Sochier's application (patent) No. 200510103684.9 Application date 1999.11.17 Certification date Approval announcement number 1743239 Approval announcement date 2006.03.08 Manual CD-ROM number D0610-1 Main classification number B65D35/46 (2006.01) I B65D35/46 (2006.01) I; B65D47/20 (2006.01) I division of the original application No. 03120245.4 priority item 1998.11.19 US 09/196301 Abstract A distribution device (20,320,420) provided with a valve (180) And a package with the dispensing device. In an embodiment, the dispensing device is a multi-piece modular accessory (430 and 330 together). The multi-piece modular accessory (430 and 440) includes a base (430) for mounting within the container and a valve bracket (440) for mounting on the base (430). A flexible, self-sealing slit-type valve (180) is mounted within the bracket (440). In another embodiment, an attachment (20) is mounted in a thin-walled, flexible, collapsible container and the flexible valve is mounted in the attachment. In yet another embodiment, a package includes a container (322) having a corner wall (334) defining a hole (340), and an attachment (344) sealably mounted in the corner wall within the hole (340). (334) on. Valve (180) is disposed within accessory (344). A removable, disposable cap (360) that extends from the container (322) above the attachment (344) and at least a portion of the corner wall (334) to define an airtight volume around the attachment (344). The lid (360) can be removed from the container (322) to expose the attachment (344). Sovereignty Item 1. A package comprising: a collapsible bag defined by at least two opposing and flexible sheet portions sealed together near an unsealed interior region. Together and at a peripheral area to separate to define a hole leading to the inner area; an attachment including A) a base fixed along the hole to the sheet part, B) extending from the base and terminated at one end to define a distribution The outlet of the hole, C) a dispensing passage extending from the inner region through the base and leading to the dispensing orifice, and D) surrounding the inner surface of the dispensing passage; and a flexible valve, the flexible valve a) having a From the central wall of the sealing slit, the slit opens in response to an increased pressure on the side of the valve towards the interior of the bag to allow flow therethrough, and b) has a lateral crossing and connection to the center The peripheral flange of the wall, and c) is disposed entirely within the attachment across the dispensing passage, with the valve peripheral flange sealingly engaging the interior surface of the attachment.

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