People rely on clothes, horses, saddles, packaging, returning to origin, seeking truth

[China Packaging Network] packaging is no longer just the original meaning, in fact, everyone is in the pursuit of visual beauty of beauty, packaging has deviated from the original too long. Ancient saying: "People rely on clothes and horses to rely on saddles," "People want clothes, and Buddha needs gold." If the Buddha does not have gold, it will fall in the eyes of mortals, and there will no longer be a tall, embarrassing person. If one takes a glance, one can't help but admire the divinity of godliness.

After the development in recent years, China's packaging industry has successfully changed its status as a real commodity. Because of the role of packaging in the product marketing process, it is constantly being led to the development of luxury. Everything is now packed. The food to eat speaks about packaging, tobacco and alcohol candies, packaging, senior supplements and more about packaging; wear clothes to talk about packaging, and electrical appliances to use packaging.
The necessary packaging of goods should be properly handled. But to make packaging "anti-offer-based", the volume is too large, supplies too much or even luxury luxury, it has evolved into a slick and excessive packaging. Only when the form and content are perfectly united can we achieve real value-added.
Your stuff is no better, but the packaging is too shabby to sell for a good price. This kind of loss has eaten too much in return for lessons that are unforgettable again and again. All the goods are packed with packaging, and they are becoming more and more sophisticated and more sophisticated. The purpose is to add value to the original thing. This is in line with the law of commodity markets.
Packaging is landscaping, decoration, and beautiful engineering. Commodity packaging, for value-added, promotional; life packaging, in order to beautify and comfortable. Our environmental greening and urban planning are, in a broad sense, a form of packaging. Paying attention to packaging today is indeed a major step forward for the society and the necessity of implementing a market economy. It is true that packaging is only an external form. The form should be content service, that is, the packaged entity must be genuine. The exquisite entity, and then another exquisite packaging, perfect. However, there is now a tendency to reverse the content and form of the cart before the end, or deliberately put the cart before the end to get huge profits. Pursuit of formality has become the goal of innovation, exquisite packaging has become a means of fraud, the contents of the packaging is actually fake and shoddy products, exquisite packaging is just a promotion.
The reason why overpacking is so popular is that because of the luxurious packaging of refurbished products, the value of the goods is soaring. Many businesses are rushing to the point. Second, due to the luxurious appearance of over-packaging, it caters to some people's good face, vanity, and style of consumption. Mentality.
In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, it is imperative for the packaging industry in China to achieve the unity of content and form. Commodity packaging is mainly for pleasing buyers. Therefore, this added value is in terms of the value in the eyes of others. In ancient times, there was "female fraternity", which meant that women's beauty was for people who liked themselves. Some people like it or nobody likes it. The difference between its value-added and depreciation is very big.
I hope that more improvements can be the beginning of the return of packaging to its original meaning.

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