Precautions for high and low temperature test chamber test

In order to ensure the safety of the test and the service life of the equipment, the high and low temperature test chamber should pay attention to the following points during the test operation:
1. If you find that the machine is damaged or deformed when unpacking, please do not use it.
2. In order to prevent electric shock or malfunction and failure, please do not connect the power supply until the installation and wiring are completed.
3. Check whether the power supply of the device is stable before starting the device.
4. This product is a non-explosion-proof product. Please do not use a constant temperature and humidity test chamber in a flammable or explosive gas environment.
5. If it is a water-cooled test equipment, before the test, first check whether the water pipe of the equipment is properly connected, and whether the drainage port leads to a drainage ditch or has a water connection groove.

6. Please do not open the door of the test chamber when the equipment is working. Opening at high temperature may cause burns to the operator, and opening at low temperature may cause frostbite to the worker, and may cause the evaporator to freeze and affect the cooling effect.
7. The wiring must be correct and must be grounded. Failure to ground may cause electric shock, erroneous operation accidents, abnormal display or large errors in measurement.
8. During the operation of the instrument, before performing operations such as setting modification, signal output, start, stop, etc., the safety should be fully considered. Wrong operation will damage or malfunction the working equipment.

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