Printed Circuit Board Ink and Progress (7)

Seven, peelable printing materials

Peelable printing material is a kind of printing material that provides temporary protection and masking during production and processing. It usually requires toughness of the film layer, resistance to acid, alkali, chemicals, impregnation of tin-lead solder, and appropriate mechanical impact resistance. It has good stability and is removed by hand or simple tools after finishing.

The peelable printing material used in printed boards is mainly used to protect conductive printed carbon paste printing buttons, gold-plated keys, and plug parts, and is used as a solder resist for electronic component assembly, partial soldering, and damage resistance for shape machining. Its printing process conditions are as follows:

60 to 100 mesh screen, photosensitive film thickness 100 ~ 120μm, scraper hardness selection of 60 ~ 65 degrees, heat curing temperature 150 °C, 5 ~ 8 min. For some UV-curable UV curable lamps, three 80 W/cm2 lamps with a distance of 10 cm and a conveying speed of 2 to 3 m/min, the curing time is much longer due to the thick film layer. Clean the screen with benzene alcohol solution or special wash screen solvent.

After the assembly or processing is completed, the removed film layer can be peeled off by hand or tweezers without any adverse effect on the masking substrate.

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