Selection Guide for Polished Crystal Brick

With the improvement of people's living standards, our pursuit of living space is getting higher and higher, not only the details, but also the high quality and good visual effects of the products. Let's take ceramic tiles. There are all kinds of ceramic tiles. , To meet the different design sense of different spaces. From this point, it is also the progress of the ceramic industry. Today, let's get to know the polished bricks with the editor.

How about polishing brick

The polished crystal brick not only has the rich texture of the glazed brick, many features of the pattern, but also the low water absorption of the tile. The advantages of good materials are not only wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, but also acid and alkali-proof, no radiation, and a strong three-dimensional sense. Therefore, in the ceramic tile industry, throwing crystal bricks is generally welcomed. When you buy, you can tap the brick with a hard object. The clearer the sound, the better the quality.

There are many brands of polished crystal bricks. Generally, the manufacturers of ceramic tiles will produce polished crystal bricks. The better polished tiles brands on the market are: Dongpeng, Guanzhu, Xinzhongyuan, Marco Polo, Mona Lisa, Nobel Nabel, Hongyu, CIMIC, Eagle EAGLE, Oceano, etc. The above information is only for reference.

Selection Guide for Polished Crystal Brick:

The changes of ceramic tiles in different periods, from wearable tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles to polished crystal tiles, polished crystal tiles are a revolution to traditional ceramic tiles! The main raw materials are finely ground porcelain powder, trace wear-resistant minerals, imported dry granules, imported glazes, etc., which integrates polishing brick and mosaic technology. It adopts nano technology and undergoes professional third-degree firing. Multiple printing and coloring technology, fired. Compared with traditional ceramic tile products, the polished crystal brick uses brand-new imported glaze, so the color is more splendid and the texture is more realistic. In the pattern design, the polished crystal brick achieves the simulation effects of wood grain and stone grain wool. Therefore, the polished crystal brick has the characteristics of antique brick and polished brick, and integrates ideas, cultural creativity and ceramic tile technology. It is the product of the comprehensive upgrade of the ceramic tile industry. When purchasing high-quality polished crystal bricks, the following aspects should be considered: size, thickness and weight, color difference, color pattern, flatness, hardness and anti-fouling properties.

Summary: The polished tiles have colorful tones and unpredictable visual effects to meet people's personal needs for home space. In fact, the purchase of polished tiles is still very important, not only depending on the brand, but also on the price, purchase It is naturally the best to optimize the cost performance.

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