Small apartment children's room wardrobe renderings happy lock in the bedroom

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The beautiful children's room is full of dreamy atmosphere, but the first one in the children's room should be well-packed to create the feeling you want. How to put bookcases, beds, desks and wardrobes in the bedroom is a hidden security hazard. To solve these problems, you can refer to the case map recommended by the designer.

Children's wardrobe design

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Small apartment children's wardrobe renderings

A dreamy light blue tone, complemented by warm yellow accents, creates a sense of harmony in color. The combination of the wardrobe and the desk has a novel personality, but it is also practical.

Children's wardrobe match

Tatami bedroom closet renderings

The space is small, using tatami to save space, then a row of bookcases around the tatami, the closet is also close to the tatami, saving space, customizing, color with red panels, with green walls, to make the space full of youthful vibrancy.

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