Stable and easy-open hose packaging

Montebello has developed a hose package. This type of hose is a laminated structure. Its decorative part is printed by five-color relief printing. The bottom is equipped with a flip cover. The whole package can be erected easily. This kind of hose has good stability and is especially suitable for pharmaceutical products and cosmetic packaging. Currently, Flexogan arthritis medication has been used in this package, and arthritis patients can very easily open this soft laminate material package.

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    The essence of stamping is transfer, which is the process of transferring the pattern of the stamping paper to the substrate through heat and pressure. Hot stamping, bronzing paper melt adhesive layer, and form adhesion on the surface of substrates, and silicone resin flow of tipping paper mold release agent, carrier and membrane separation, carrier film graphic above will be transferred to substrates. The reason for the transfer is that the heat solution of the heat solution is caused by the adhesion. 

Hot stamping is suitable for most printing materials, especially paper, plastic, wood, etc., but it is not completely suitable for non-sprayed metal, ceramic and surface unprocessed glass. 
      This style Hot Stamping Machine have a huge pressure, can finish embossment on paper, wooden, leather. 

Large Pressure Stamping Machine

Large Pressure Hot Stamping Machine,Large Size High Pressure Hot Stamping Machine,Large Pressure Hot Foil Stamping Machine

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