Summer beauty is the most popular

This summer, Meilu became an essential equipment for summer beauty makeup. After the summer, the sales volume of colored contact lenses increased significantly, especially the refreshing Midsummer color, which became the first choice for matching style. Ophthalmologists warn that wearing summer sputum should be noted that it may affect eye health due to inflammation.

Refreshing green, light blue beauty

Colored contact lenses, which we often say, will have an obvious hot sale period in the summer. Li Rong pointed out that wearing a beautiful eye can make the eyes look more beautiful, especially girls who like makeup, beauty and Eye makeup, more can reflect the cool and avant-garde fashion style.

In an interview with several glasses sales organizations, the reporter saw that Meilu has been placed in a prominent position in the contact lens counter. Not only is the brand rich, but in addition to the old brand Johnson, the brands such as Collebo and Fiscom are the new generation of the domestic market. "The player"; the color can also meet different matching needs, Li Rong said that Johnson & Johnson has three colors to choose from, and Collebo has up to eight colors, in addition to black and brown that can make the eyes look bigger and brighter. It is suitable for the refreshing green and light blue of summer.

Maochang glasses shopping guide kitty told reporters that the types of beauty can now be more than one choice, there are daily throwing, monthly throwing, half-year throwing and one-year throwing, etc., to facilitate consumers to choose according to their own needs. The reporter learned in the interview that the daily throwing beauty is about 250-280 yuan per box, including 30 pieces; the monthly throwing, half-year throwing products are mostly in the 100-200 yuan; the annual throwing price is 300-400 yuan. . Kitty pointed out that some brands have different prices for different colors, and customers can choose according to their own mix.

The oxygen permeability of the permeable product is good when the beauty is beautiful.

Usually, natural and healthy products are quite hard to design. Li Rong pointed out that in the case of Johnson & Johnson, the structure of the beauty is sandwich-type, that is, the pigment layer is sandwiched in the middle and does not directly contact the cornea. The safety is also higher. The reporter also found that in some small stores in Dongmen, Meilu appeared as a matching accessory. The price was only a few yuan and a dozen yuan. These shops lacked professional optometry doctors and did not have a sterile wearing environment. The product quality could not be guaranteed. Li Rong said that the inferior quality is very rough, and the color is directly on the surface of the contact lens. When worn, the pigment will adhere to the cornea, causing hidden dangers.

Because contact lenses are in direct contact with the cornea, care must be taken when choosing to wear them. According to Ning Zongcheng, an eye doctor at Shenzhen Kemei, consumers can look at the product when they choose the beauty. Oxygen is good, not opaque, showing a dark effect, indicating poor oxygen permeability, it is best not to buy.

“It is necessary to remind that consumers with eye inflammation, such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, and trachoma, are not suitable for wearing beauty.” Ning Zongcheng said that it is recommended that the wearer chooses short-term beauty products, such as The tossing and monthly throwing type can ensure good oxygen permeability, and the wearing time is no more than 10 hours per day. At the same time, you can use moisturizing eye drops or eye drops to soothe during wearing.

Li Rong said that most women who wear beauty will wear makeup, so it is best to pay more attention to clean after wearing, as much as possible to clean the cosmetics attached to the lens to ensure comfortable and safe wearing.

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