Taiwan recently launched a new improved marking machine

According to reports, Taiwan Shengjia Sealing Machine Co., Ltd. recently introduced a new and improved marking machine.
According to reports, this marking machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost. It is easy to use, easy to change fonts and ribbons, can use single- or double-row fonts, and can adjust the height of the movable type and the depth of the ribbon. With a ceramic heating element, even heating, beautiful printing, the applicable voltage is 110V to 240V.
In addition, Shengjia also produces sealing machines and packaging machines. The sealer series products include hand pressure sealer and hand pressure knife sealer. They have been approved by the authorities of the United Kingdom and the United States to verify their safety. Their main uses are polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and other plastic bag seals. The operation is easy and does not take up space. The electronic circuit control is time-saving and safe and is applicable to supermarkets, food stores, processing plants, wholesalers, and families.


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