Technical requirements for bowling alley design

Fairway specifications (Alley):

The total length of the fairway is 19.152 meters (62 feet and 3-16 inches). The distance from the ball throwing line to the center point of the first ball (first bottle) in the bottle area is 18.288 meters (60 feet), and the bottle area accounts for the remaining 0.864 meters (34 inches for 16 inches). ). The width of the fairway is limited to 1.042 meters (41 inches) to 1.066 meters (42 inches).


Grants Approach:

The length of the subduct lane is from the front end to the throw line (but not including the throw line), and the minimum is 4.572 (15 feet). In the general course, there are 4.87 meters (16 feet) of subduct lanes. When designing, you should consider taking a rest and waiting for the seating area, as well as the size of the placement machine and the size of the rear service channel.

Note: The fairway should be a double number, and there should be a common returning machine. There are exceptions for individual VIPs and special lanes. Details should be obtained from the manufacturer for information. The two major companies, AMF and Brunswick, are agents in the country and are the standard fairways recognized by the American Professional Bowling Association (pba).

Stadium venue:

The selection of the site should first consider its geometric dimensions (length, width, height). The length of the arena is preferably 30 to 31m (excluding bar), preferably not less than 28m; the net width of each fairway must not be less than 1.7m. The height of the arena should be 3m or more. If the height is less than 3m, try to keep the space high. Equipment back wall, power supply, ceiling curtain wall, ceiling, lighting and large display crane beam, electric line pipe embedded by the equipment orderer responsible for decoration; 5.3m size, the user can be based on the site conditions, such as the venue less than 30m long, The back wall and curtain wall 5.3m can be reduced to 4.6m. The distance of each step of the 17m length can be the same as the distance between the building beams, and the number of stages can be between 4 and 6; the height of the lower edge of the suspended wall of the ceiling curtain wall is 1.95m above the ground, and its upper part should be The roof is smoothly connected.

Stadium lighting:

The lighting equipment (4.6 ~ 5.3m) should have more than 20w/m2, the fairway (17m) should have about 20w/m2, the player seat part should have about 15w/m2; the big display hanging beam is used to lift the big With screen color display, the weight of each lane can be designed in accordance with 80kg; if the height of the arena is less than 3m, the horizontal installation position of the large display ceiling beam should be moved to the highest point of the ceiling, and the user can also install the arena into a flat ceiling.

Stadium room temperature:

Ball room temperature should be considered in 15 °C ~ 25 °C; In addition, the ball room interior decoration should consider sound absorption, fire prevention, fire protection, ventilation, moisture and so on.

Voltage configuration:

Input voltage: AC380V (±5%), input power: ZL2000 type AC380V, 3.0kw/channel; the back of the ceiling curtain wall above the return lane should be equipped with a distribution box, one for each two (380V, 5KW, with zero line and grounding Line) for the power supply of the main unit of the equipment; the switchboard above the return fairway should be installed with a power distribution socket board, one for each 2 tracks (220V, 5A, with a neutral grounding wire) for two large display power plugs; each 2 The large display of Road 1 and its corresponding console can be embedded (remaining) PVC pipes (Ф≥30mm) from the ceiling to the ground through the wall posts or side walls; the total service desk and the nearest operating station Two PVC pipes (Ф≥30mm) shall be pre-buried among the rooms; one power distribution box (AC220V, 30A, with grounding wire) shall be installed in the total service desk; if the rest area is installed by yourself, it shall be between adjacent operating tables. Pre-embedded PVC pipe (30mm). In addition, all pre-embedded PVC pipes should be pre-worn with one wire (Ф1 to 2mm) for electrical wiring.

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