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Analytical reagents, biochemical reagents, general organic reagents, general inorganic reagents, other chemical reagents, enzyme (enzyme) preparations, other biological products, antibodies, antigens. The company's main business is: sales of elisa kits, culture media, serum, antibodies, biological reagents, Laboratory instruments such as low-temperature cooling circulation pumps, low-temperature constant-temperature baths, constant-temperature water baths, constant-temperature oil baths, ice machines, etc. Clients: Institute of Biophysics, Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, High Energy Institute, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Medical University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shanxi Medical University, Guangzhou Medical College, University of Science and Technology of China, West China Medical University, Military Medicine Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Semiconductor Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences,

We offer a wide choice of different types of Patio furniture collections, which cover garden rattan sofa, outdoor dining set, chat set, rattan bar set. With splendid style and smooth line, every details and quality is presently perfectly. Excellent surface treatment process and the selection of products for climate and UV have long-term protection ability, getting more than your money`s worth.

Patio furniture sets

Patio Furniture Sets

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