The advantages of solid wood wardrobes are 4 steps to teach you the best products.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] solid wood wardrobe because of its more "green" "health and environmental protection" performance to meet the current urban life pursuit and consumption concept, making it popular with consumers! Then when buying solid wood wardrobe What are the aspects that need our attention? Next, I will introduce some solid wood wardrobe purchase tips for you! I hope I can give you some small reference!

Solid wood wardrobe features

Solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe features

1. Health and environmental protection: The solid wood wardrobe is not like the wardrobe made of other materials. In the production process, a lot of adhesives and other unhealthy chemical products are needed. Therefore, the solid wood wardrobe is more environmentally friendly than the wardrobe of other materials in this respect;

2, durable: According to authoritative statistics, the service life of solid wood wardrobe is four to five times more than that of ordinary wood wardrobe;

3, beautifully styled: solid wood wardrobe can achieve some styles that can not be achieved by the wooden wardrobe, such as carving;

4, unlimited style: solid wood wardrobe is not limited by style, you can make your own style style, and the wood wardrobe can only be a simple style such as modern style.

Solid wood wardrobe purchase points

Solid wood wardrobe purchase

Solid wood wardrobe purchase

1, look closely

How to buy: Solid wood materials can usually see the pattern clearly. Different wood patterns are different. Do your homework before buying. For example, the material of ash is slightly hard and beautiful, and the texture of eucalyptus is straight and shiny. These need us. Carefully identify. In addition, it is necessary to look closely at the pattern of the surface of the main material such as the cabinet door and the side panel, and whether the knot is corresponding inside or outside. If necessary, buckle it to see if the surface is pasted.

2, ask more

How to buy: When buying, be sure to ask more questions. Ask if the wardrobe is "all solid wood". If not, be sure to find out where to use the MDF. Never buy without knowing it. .

Solid wood wardrobe features

Solid wood wardrobe purchase

3, nose smell

How to buy: Solid wood wardrobes are made of environmentally friendly wood. Most woods have the aroma of tree species, pine has rosin flavor, cypress wood has a light fragrance, and eucalyptus has a distinct eucalyptus taste... but fiberboard and MDF will be thicker. The irritating odor, especially in cabinet doors or drawers, is easier to distinguish.

4, hand knock

How to choose: Use a few taps on the wooden surface with your hands. When you make it with real wood, it will make a crisper sound, while the wood-based panel will have a low sound. It is the easiest and straightforward way to distinguish solid wood or wood-based panels by discerning sound.

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