The Commercial Value of Packaging Container Art

Abstract : Through the discussion of the artistic shape of packaging containers and their role in commodity circulation, the relationship between the artistic shape of packaging containers and the cultural and interesting aspects of commodities is discussed, and the cultural value in addition to the use value is clarified. , is an important factor in the value of today's goods and marketing tools.

Keywords: container modeling business value cultural value commodity taste

With the increasing richness of the material wealth of the society and the improvement of people’s cultural qualities, people’s consumption psychology and the concept of demand have undergone profound changes. When people buy goods, they not only value the use value and price of the goods, but also pay attention to the added value of goods that are promoted by the cultural value of the aesthetic value, emotional value, social value, etc. of goods and packaging. This is just like the god of the Japanese business, Matsushita Yukiko. Said: In today's society, the era of purely using product performance to meet the needs of sensory functions has long passed. It must be applied in addition to aesthetics. This is a cultural standard of 'beauty' and is also a major trend of consumerism in the age. Therefore, while commodity packaging design considers many practical functions such as protecting the goods, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales, it should also pay attention to the expression of packaging containers, material selection, pattern decoration, color application, etc. On the premise of function and purpose, it shows its own independent value.

Container styling, as a form of packaging, plays an important role in the connection between product packaging and products, and it plays an enduring charm that is difficult to realize in outer packaging and decorating, so that the goods container has the art that other packaging does not have. value.

1 Increase product value

The German marketing psychologist Peter Salman famously said that people use their eyes to buy things. According to psychological studies, 83% of the external information received by people from the senses comes from the eye, 11% from the hearing, 3.5% from the sense of smell, 1.5% from the touch, and 1% from the taste or taste. . Therefore, it is particularly important if the container design is beautiful and unique. Packaging containers as a vessel containing products, in addition to its practicality, but also has a certain artistic charm. This kind of charm is that the container can use its own styling, texture, color and other means to make consumers deepen the impression of the product, pass the information of the product to the consumer, cause the consumer to buy desire, and indirectly promote the product. . It is because of this characteristic of the packaging container that it has the value of continuous use. After a lot of wine and cosmetics are used up, their containers are often displayed by consumers in their homes as ornamental ornaments, and even more as a collection.

For cosmetic products like this category, its container shape embodies this aesthetic feature. Because the main feature of cosmetics is a highly attractive appearance, and its unique container shape, which is the most representative of the perfume. If the shape of the perfume container is too general, even if the aroma of the loaded perfume is unusually fragrant and intoxicating, it will be unable to attract customers due to its “mediocrity” appearance, resulting in the problem of product sales. Therefore, the importance of the container to the value creation of cosmetics is to some extent even higher than the product itself. In foreign countries, if any new cosmetics are to be put on the market, if you want to create a brand and occupy the market, you will generally hire a designer to design a container, so that it will have a distinctive temperament and become a highly artistic and ornamental product, thus attracting consumption. By. All this shows that the aesthetic sense of the form of the art must be based on the emotional concepts and psychological effects formed by the form itself, so as to make the "psychological isomorphism" between the designer and the consumer. Through this role of psychological isomorphism, in order to achieve enhanced artistic appeal. If the designer does not have an aesthetic cultural foundation, it will be difficult to create in the design a perfect aesthetic function embedded in the commodity packaging and the aesthetic value it embodies.

2 Reflect the cultural connotation of commodities

Edward Taylor of the United Kingdom and Ogben Hengens of the United States expressed the culture as “culture is a complex body, including physical objects, knowledge, beliefs, art, ethics, laws, and customs created by humans, and The ability and habits learned from society: Simply put, culture is about the creation of nature. Compared to cosmetics, the dependence of alcoholic products on containers is more pronounced. In general, alcoholic products have more cultural characteristics (geographical features, products, History, brewing process, etc.) These cultural characteristics are conveyed to consumers through the medium of container modeling, enabling consumers to understand the cultural background and unique meanings of wine through the appearance, color and graphics of the container. The artistry is of utmost importance to alcoholic products, and it has become an integral part of the packaging of alcoholic beverages. While container styling demonstrates its artistic appeal, it also includes different cultural backgrounds in the design so that consumers are not only consuming. Material, at the same time, can better understand the deeper things.

As people’s ways of thinking are deeply influenced by ethnic cultures, different societies, different environments, and different knowledge structures bring about significant differences between people and peoples and between peoples and nations. Taking yellow as an example, the eastern representative is noble and beautiful, and Western Christianity is regarded as shame; while the red, the eastern symbolizes warmth, auspiciousness, and positiveness, while the West symbolizes sacrifice as a battle. In terms of packaging materials, foreign packaging containers like to use glass, metal, plastic and other high-tech materials with high technology and exquisite workmanship. The Chinese packaging containers are made of natural materials, such as bamboo, wood, paper, and ceramics. They are simple, natural and more intimate than metals and plastics. It can be seen from this that the human touch, local flavor, and natural taste in traditional packaging culture provide a richer source for our design. “The painted pottery style of the Confucius House wine reflects the traditional national style and artistic features of Northern China; the Jingde Spring liquor orchids and porcelain vases of Jingdezhen are elegant in shape and exquisite in color, reflecting the geographical features of the south; The bell shape, elegant and elegant, vividly demonstrates the charm of Chinese ancient music arts.These wine products are very artistic due to their container shapes, with a deep cultural heritage, deeply loved by consumers.Now many consumers do not buy alcohol. Tasting is only for the collection of its wine containers, and the value of container styling for wine products is evident here.

3 Add Product Interest

Modeling of commodity packaging containers meets people's aesthetic needs, but also produces an aesthetic psychological effect. When the consumers watch the shape of the product packaging containers, the inner feelings tend to be pleasing and escalating, resulting in psychological activities that are kind, comfortable, relaxed, pleasant, dignified, calm, safe, free, dynamic, and so on. "The process of human aesthetic activities includes both the object and the subject. The United States first comes from the natural world or object (container form) as an object, but it is also associated with the aesthetic needs and aesthetic mood of the subject (person). It is a combination of both. The product of unity is a relationship between the object's attributes and the subject's aesthetic needs and aesthetic mood." The perfume of France's Shimo perfume, its glass bottle maker Saint-Ghobe, is a slim girl. The bottle cap is like a fashion hat. Such a wonderful and lovely bottle, consumers will stop for it, it is difficult to give up, from the good appearance of the internal product is also perfect, and then have a strong desire for the purchase of goods. Of course, this doll-like artistic interest not only depends on the reduction of body mass, but also combines with the rich imagination, creativity, and sensitivity of the image it grasps. With the combination of exaggeration and deformation techniques and special craftsmanship, special aesthetic interests will be generated and good artistic effects will be received. We are familiar with the Napoleon wine series containers, the bottle cap is a typical Napoleon hat, the bottle is a hardcover book shape, deep red and blue with gold, stable and atmospheric, giving people a king style.

Modern people live in a fast-paced society, and life and mentality urgently require harmony of aesthetic tastes. The use of humorous and even comical design techniques in container modeling has attracted people's attention and interest with a lively, optimistic, and quirky styling. Let the product grow in plainness and increase its fun in the ordinary. The interest of the product must conform to the connotation of the product and the culture, satisfy consumers' appreciation of taste, increase their artistic appreciation for the entire package, and stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. Therefore, the importance of the artistic shape of the packaging container, so that the product in the commodity competition in an invincible position, is every business must pay great attention to the subject.

4 Conclusion

In the future, container packaging design should give full play to the supporting role of modern science and technology, moral psychology, aesthetic awareness, marketing strategy and other cultural elements. Excavate and extract new design vocabularies from the inherent cultural heritage of products and packaging and external social environment factors. Through the comprehensive "idea" and creation of "images", the application of scientific and technological achievements and creative arts are very good. Combine the ground and design a container model that makes consumers love it and make it worthwhile, and increase the added value of the product packaging.

Author/Qin Chunxiao[1] Feng Yi[2]
[1] Nanchang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering [2] Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University

Source: Packaging Engineering

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