The first drum-type nano-material direct plate-making machine was born in Dandong

The first drum-type nano-material direct plate-making machine was born in Dandong

In the workshop of Dandong Jinwan Group Co., Ltd., with the help of bright lights, the reporter saw that the PS plates were formed directly by the plate-making machine, there was no need to avoid light operation, and there was no waste liquid discharge. This is the result of the "Roller Nano Platemaking Machine" project jointly developed by the company and the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Zhongkona New Printing Technology Co., Ltd. On November 5, the project was approved by the expert group organized by the Science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province through the procedures of reviewing materials, on-site inspection, expert questioning, and discussion by the expert committee, and finally passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements: the technology adopted by the drum-type nano-material direct platemaking machine reached Leading level.

"The world's first high-speed, wide-width, drum-type nano-material direct plate-making machine was born in Dandong!" Director Song Yanlin of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences inventor of the project sincerely sighed. Following Song Yanlin's introduction, the reporter initially learned about this new achievement. "Nano-material direct plate-making technology" is the fourth-generation printing plate-making technology, a "technical revolution" in the printing industry and a "green revolution" at the same time. It has the advantages of no pollution, low cost, simple process, no need to avoid light operation in the plate making process, and completely solves the problems of pollution and waste of resources in the process of printing plate making.

Today, new products have entered the trial production stage. The reporter learned the good news from the technical department of Jinwan Group: "Now one of the plate-making machines in production in the workshop will be sent to the 'Liaoning Daily' for trial."

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