The furniture industry highlights the "Beijing power" furniture faction pattern is broken

Innovation, like the same spring breeze, is blowing in the furniture industry in Beijing, blowing out the strength of the furniture brand. From the information of the 7th member representative assembly of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association held on January 10th, 21 furniture companies in Beijing have won the title of “Beijing Famous Trademark”, and 5 furniture companies including Qumei and Guolin. Become an innovative company. The pattern of unification of furniture brands such as Guangdong and Sichuan is being broken, and a powerful “Beijing power” is emerging in the Chinese furniture industry.

21 companies won famous trademarks

Being able to obtain the title of “Beijing Famous Trademark” means that the brand is strong and its influence is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. For the furniture industry with low attention, the title of “Beijing Famous Trademark” shows that its social recognition is increasing. The information from the 7th member representative assembly of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association held on January 10 undoubtedly made the furniture industry proud: 21 companies in Beijing have won the title of “Beijing Famous Trademark”, and there is no shortage of Italian style. Famous brands such as Boloni, Jimei and Baiqiang.

It is reported that winning this award is not an easy task. Enterprises need to go through the comprehensive consideration of the annual output, sales, profits, market share and other aspects of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce and industry associations. 21 furniture brands have become the darling of people's attention, which is inseparable from its continuous brand image. Take Boloni as an example, it has always regarded brand influence as a development tool, and even the boss is personally involved. At the home fair on August 24 last year, Boeing Group CEO Cai Ming was wearing a suit and holding a pepper standing on the stage to promote the image of new products. It has become a classic in the industry for product promotion, CEOs come out and carefully plan, this brand influence Confidence can be seen. Jimei Home has launched a brand upgrade battle around the service. On the morning of October 28th, when the 100 home consumption instructors outside the Jimei Home Dahongmen brand flagship store lined up to face the consumers, it showed the confidence of a company to enhance its brand appeal through service. Powerful furniture is “bringing strength” and using its brand value to open up home stores in the outer suburbs such as Shunyi and expand its brand communication power.

For a long time, when it comes to furniture, people always think of the fashion of Guangdong furniture and the cheapness of Sichuan furniture. Beijing furniture has no place at all. Nowadays, many furniture enterprises have become famous trademarks in Beijing, which means that the Beijing Furniture Legion has begun to break the pattern of furniture brands such as Guangdong and Sichuan, and has formed a "Beijing power" that cannot be underestimated.

Innovation into the driving force of the enterprise

The launch of a brand is inseparable from the continuous innovation of the company. At the conference of the day, Beijing Furniture Industry Association was Qumei Furniture Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Liming Wenyi Furniture Co., Ltd., Beijing Guolin System Furniture Co., Ltd., Beijing Liri Office Supplies Co., Ltd., Beijing Senrep Five companies of the Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. awarded the Innovation Enterprise Award to recognize the leading role of innovation.

It is understood that the acquisition of innovative enterprises must also carry out rigorous examinations and scoring. The whole process is carried out through the pilot of innovative enterprise certification in the furniture industry of the city, strictly in accordance with the "Beijing Furniture Industry Association innovative enterprise certification evaluation rules", and ultimately by the expert committee Strictly selected. It is reported that the award-winning enterprises have delivered perfect answers, and each of the comprehensive scores has reached a rare 900 points or more.

Yu Xiusu, vice president and secretary general of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association, said that the selection of innovative enterprises is to guide the industry to take the road of independent innovation and development, improve the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, and research and development capabilities, so as to upgrade products and brands. It is understood that these innovative companies have made outstanding contributions in all aspects of production and sales. For example, Qumei Furniture, which has won an innovative enterprise, has integrated innovation into its product management model, and has taken the lead in the field of e-commerce and achieved steady development. Zhao Ruihai, chairman of Qumei Group, expressed confidence that the e-commerce business is doubling in 2013, driving the company's performance to increase by 20%.

Industry associations support innovation

In order to cope with the innovative development of Beijing furniture enterprises, Beijing Furniture Industry Association will provide technical and financial support from product research and development to product production and sales.

It is reported that in view of the difficulties in enterprise technology investment and the lack of high-tech talents, the association led the Beijing Forestry University to form the "Beijing Furniture Industry-University-Research Alliance" to conduct scientific demonstrations on enterprise product design, process transformation and other projects. A large number of scientific and technological talents. In terms of product production, the association will cooperate with the intellectual property protection department to strengthen intellectual property protection, resolutely eliminate product plagiarism, encourage independent innovation, and protect corporate interests through fast-track rights protection. In terms of sales, the association will increase the construction of enterprise information and achieve resource sharing.

In order to encourage innovation and push brand building to the international arena, the Ministry of Commerce has also actively guided enterprises to participate in cooperation. Among them, the “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Measures for the Management of Capital Markets for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Beijing” will provide financial support for projects such as overseas exhibitions for enterprises to expand their brands and actively innovate. Chen Zhida, president of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association, said that in 2013, Beijing furniture companies should respond to the “Humanities Beijing, Technology Beijing, Green Beijing” strategy and energy conservation and emission reduction requirements deployed by the municipal government, relying on technology. Innovative means to win spring in the rapid development.

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