The future development of screen printing ink is promising (4)

The use of screen printing UV ink has achieved good printability and print quality so far. 1 Stability: UV inks cure and dry only when they receive UV radiation. It does not crust in the air. Therefore, it is absolutely stable on the screen plate, which is in full compliance with screen printing requirements. 2 gloss problem: UV ink under ultraviolet radiation can instantly dry the ink layer, so compared with the traditional ink, without relying on the nature of the substrate can get better ink gloss. Compared with conventional inks, better ink luster can be obtained without relying on the printing material to obtain the constellation. When using conventional inks, what happens most often is: After drying, the ink gloss appears to be reduced, but this phenomenon has been eliminated when UV inks are used. 3 Abrasion resistance and chemical resistance properties: The three-dimensional photocrosslinker produced by the photopolymerization of the ultraviolet-responsive ink result unit promotes the ink to have the abrasion resistance required by the composite professional, as well as resistance to acids, alkalis, and chemicals. performance. UV prints In any case, no need to add printing oil. 4 screen cleaning and ozone problems: UV ink to use different screen cleaning agent and ordinary ink, its composition has outstanding solubility of UV ink, but will not produce erosion of screen printing film and squeegee. The ozone produced by the UV ink during the drying process is an allotrope of oxygen, which is caused by UV radiation with a wavelength of 220 mm or less. The generated ozone can be discharged to the outside by the exhaust fan of the cooling lamp. In the air, ozone is immediately decomposed into oxygen. When mass-produced, the ozone level per cubic meter of air around the machine will not exceed 0.1 mg. This content is combined with the permitted ozone content around the working environment as defined today. 5 Printing quality: Ink does not occur in the printing process. Ink penetration changes the color tone of printed products. Because no solvent volatilizes, it can be printed on poorly absorbent substrates with good adhesion. The photocured and dried ink film has a good handle quality, and the ink taste is extremely small.

In summary, due to the characteristics of screen printing UV inks with low solvent content and no pollution to the environment, “green” inks have attracted increasing attention from the screen printing industry in various countries in the world in recent years, and have invested a lot of manpower and material resources one after another. Develop research and production of UV inks.

Source: China Ink Technology Network

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