The simple choice of simple wardrobe design for the renter

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The cloakroom has already begun to stay in every household. If you can't pursue the luxury of the independent cloakroom for a while, we can also use the limited space to create a simple cloakroom with our own wardrobe . The following design styles are really good. You don't need to invest too much economic conditions, but you can also be convenient.

Overall wardrobe

Choose a clean and empty wall, and put a number of functional compartment coat racks against the wall. The compartment is perfectly designed. It is a shoe rack for storing shoes. The top can be hung in the middle of the top and the storage box for folding clothes. The right side is especially used to hang longer clothes.

Solid wood wardrobe

In the recessed area inside the bedroom, the easiest cloakroom is customized with iron frame. It does not need gorgeous design and expensive wood. It still retains excellent functionality. Various storage baskets and storage boxes can be used to overcome various types of storage baskets. Miscellaneous items make the storage in the cloakroom more tidy.

Wardrobe size

The floor-standing mirror with coat rack is very good for both things. The bottom roller skating design can be flexibly pushed out, which ensures the neat appearance while adding storage space.

We don't have to pursue the luxury of a separate cloakroom, even in a rental house, we can also get a sophisticated cloakroom.

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