Three actions make beautiful buttocks

The thinner girl wants to create a beautiful buttocks. The first trouble is definitely how to fatten the beautiful buttocks. In fact, you can use the beautiful buttocks and the beautiful buttocks to gain fat and beautiful buttocks! Here is a beautiful butt diet. 3 kinds of sports beautiful buttocks tricks, come and learn!

Thin and beautiful women, I hope that the hip type can be tilted a little, but the original bamboo-shaped beauty of the buttocks, how to put the cost of the hip type, and then create magic?

For people who are thin, it may be that parents have not taken good care before puberty, but now that you have grown up, the homework of sculpting must be done by you! In diet, you can eat high-nutrition. Things, even meat that girls don't dare to eat, don't have to be too scared for you. At the same time, you can eat more seaweeds, such as kelp, sea cucumber, crab, squid, shrimp, and sea scorpion. It will be very suitable for you.

If you are a skinny and thinner beauty, you can follow the editor and have nothing to do, and you can do it in a flat, meat-free sport!


Lifting the beautiful hip movement

1. Inhale, put your body on the exercise mat, bend your elbows by 90 degrees, palm down, bend your right knee 90 degrees, lean on the yoga bricks, straighten your left leg, point your toes on the ground, this Keep your body and spine straight, or wear a chiropractic belt to prevent the body from shaking or U-shaped.

2, exhale, will straighten the left leg, up from the ground up. At this time, be careful not to appear that the back is concave and the belly is convex forward.

This action is a standard action from step 1 to step 2, and 8-12 times for each leg of the left and right legs.


Clamping beautiful hip movement

1. Inhale, hold your hands against your waist, and the energy yoga bricks are clipped inside the thighs (the roots of the thighs closest to the buttocks), and the toes are naturally facing forward.

2, exhale, stretch your hands backwards, and apply force from the hip cavity and thigh, and continuously clamp the energy yoga bricks. The number of seconds to clamp the hips is equal to your weight in kilograms, for example, 42 kg. The correct number of hips for Stefanie Sun is 42 seconds.

Quite beautiful hip movement

1. Inhale, place your body on the exercise mat, hold the energy yoga bricks on both knees, bend your legs, place your feet on the ground, place your hands on both sides of your hips, and lower your palms.

2, the hip cavity is clamped and the body is lifted up, the yoga bricks are clamped on the knees, and the hip-lifting effect is enhanced. The action stops in the air for 12-18 seconds, and the breath can be breathed freely.


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