Three-dimensional knowledge of packaging design

Packaging designers have known it before they started planning packaging design; the beautification of packaging is a graphic design attached to the three-dimensional packaging, which is the external visual image of the package. It can import related texts, product pictures, product origin and visual image Representative and other elements. Some packaging surfaces themselves are an expression of commodity information, but as the basis of packaging; in terms of six surfaces, it is also a partial image performance. Similarly, the design of container labels not only focuses on the design of a label, but also cares about the shape of the label and the container, and the relationship between the label and the label. Therefore, the design of the packaging visual import is similar in some aspects to the advertising design, but it also needs to pay attention to other aspects, so that the entire package forms a whole.

1. Design of the main display surface of the packaging

If a carton package has six sides, it is usually necessary to design five sides (the bottom side design is relatively low). One container has one to three stickers, up to five or six. They are not treated equally. With the different exhibition area, in order to attract the attention of consumers, the main exhibition design is decided. The main exhibition area is the one that faces the most consumers, and it is clear at a glance by using its positioning method to scrutinize the discharge position of the brand name, product image, manufacturer, etc. Since the main exhibition area is relatively small, and at the same time is the image of the product itself, the decoration screen should quickly introduce the product to the consumer, and directly display it with the text and close-up image. In the same category of commodities first enter the consumer's main exhibition often show striking brand names and trademarks; there is a moving scene, which depends on the actual situation of the commodity. Sometimes the skylight can be used to directly display the image of the product and increase its publicity. In packaging design. The main exhibition area plays a leading role in conveying commodity information.

Second, the overall packaging design

However, the main exhibition area of ​​the package should not be isolated. On the whole of the package, it is still a part and an important part. The packaging is a three-dimensional object. The packaging that people see is multi-angled. When considering the main exhibition area, we must consider the relationship with other surfaces. Consider the overall image of the entire package. Through the coherence, repetition, response and division between text, graphics and colors, the whole composition is formed.

1. For a carton package, its front and back sides become the main exhibition area. However, if the width of the side is equal to the main exhibition area, sometimes the same design is adopted. It becomes the same "main exhibition area", and you can get a unified feeling no matter what angle.

2. Mainly on the front and back sides, showing the descriptive text such as the composition, function, weight and instructions for use, shelf life, batch number of each competent department on the side. In terms of formal elements and constituents, there must be connections and differences, resulting in rhythmic changes and embodying the guarantee of science and quality.

3. Arrange the image, text, graphics and color across the surface, connecting several surfaces as a main body, a large "main exhibition", and the picture of each surface is also complete. This design uses a combination of different sides to form a large advertising screen when it is displayed in the store, achieving a strong visual effect and publicity.

4. The color design of the label is inseparable from the relationship with the container, the relationship between the label and the relationship with the top cover. Pursue the consistency of the background color of the label and the color of the container, and highlight the brand name and graphics. On the white container of women's cosmetics, with white stickers, with delicate line borders, elegant black fonts, it looks clean and elegant; and the black brandy, with black stickers, emphasizes the color of the stickers and the container In contrast, the background color of the label uses gold, silver, white, black and other more saturated colors to compare with the openness and hue of the container, resulting in a strong and lively effect. It is also a way to directly print the name and trademark on the container.

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