Timber scarcity of labor costs increases furniture sales prices further

Recently, the reporter learned from visiting major home stores that with the increase in the prices of raw materials such as MDF and the increase in labor costs, furniture prices will continue to rise in 2013. Some experts predict that the ex-factory price of furniture will increase by 5%-10% in 2013. Among them, the crafts of carving and hand-painting are more complicated, and it will be more obvious for the senior technicians to have more furniture prices.

“Last year, the home furnishing industry generally showed a price increase, with an average increase of about 10%, and this trend will continue this year.” Experts said that the price increase of solid wood products will be more obvious, especially the precious wood species. The reason is that China's timber resources are lacking, precious wood species are beginning to disappear or less and less, and the paint products used in solid wood products have obviously increased in price, and the labor costs of carving, hand-painting and other complex processes required for some solid wood products have generally increased. The price increase for this type of product will be greater than other products.

According to industry insiders who have worked in the furniture industry for many years, European and American style furniture is not expected to increase in price, because the price itself is high, the price increase is worried that dealers and consumers can not afford, and such products have a certain price digestibility. . The timing of the price increase should be in March and September of each year, because this is the traditional exhibition period of the home industry, each manufacturer will launch its own new products at this node, and adjust the ex-factory price of some products or all products.

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