UK developed glass feed channel -BH-F400 series feed channel

The United Kingdom has developed an advanced and energy-saving glass feed channel-BH-F400 series feed channel. This glass forehearth is an integrated top brick structure made of special refractory material with a cooling channel in the middle. When cooling is required, cold air is fed along the feed center, thus overcoming the conventional design. The disadvantages of the efficiency of the channel heating system and the cooling system are not high. The channel temperature control is sensitive and the operation is simple. At the same time, nearly 70% of fuel can be saved due to the use of an automatic temperature control system and a high-pressure mixture to adjust the proportional system.

Electronic Box

An innovated and eye catching packaging for is a vital determine of success for any electronic items. This can be illustrated by us using your choice of original equipment manufacture (OEM) or using our service of orginal design manufacture of packaging box structure, paper material choices and color print preference.

This will protect your electronics during transportation and increase stroage life from any possible damage from weahther or any damage by force, while providing the most cost efficent marketing effects through the colors printed.

Electronic Box

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