Unsaturated polyester resin adhesive formula

Formula One Unsaturated Polyester

307# Polyester 100 Cyclohexanone peroxide (50% DBP solution) 3-4 Styrene wax fluid (0.5%) 2-4
0.05mpa/20°C/24h, Τ=8mpa. Τpmma=6mpa, used for bonding of PMMA, FRP, polystyrene polycarbonate, wood and ceramics.

Formula Two 199 # plastic 199 # polyester 100 benzoyl peroxide 1-2
120°C/1h, Τ=12mpa. For FRP bonding.

Recipe No. 306# Polyester 50 3193# Polyester 50 Peroxycyclohexanone (50% solution) 3-4 Naphthenate Naphthenate (20% cobalt) 2
Styrene Paraffin Liquid (0.5%) 2-4
0.05mpa/20°C/24h, Τ=7.5mpa, ΤPMMA=6mpa, JPS=8mpa, ΤFRP=7.5mpa, the same way as above.

Formulation IV BS-1 Adhesive 311# Polyester 100 60% Peroxide Butyl Ketone Solution 2-2.5 Cobalt Naphthenate 1-1.3
60°C/4h. Τpmma greater than 40mpa for PMMA bonding.

Formula five BS-2 glue 313# polyester 45.2 toluene acrylic acid 19 hydrogen peroxide 3.6 dimethylaniline 0.4
Dipropyl phthalate 9.6 Acrylamide 26.2
65-70°C/6h, QG50mpa, used for bonding of metals below 150°C with PMMA, PC, etc.

Formula VI S-40 Adhesive 309# Polyester 100 Vinyl Acetate 100 307# Polyester 20 Acrylic 12 Peroxycyclohexanone 2
Cobalt naphthenate 1
60°C/12h, Τ=173mpa, for bonding of metal and plastic parts.

Information Source: Selection of Gravure Printing Inks from the Perspective of Purchasing in the 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

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