WILCO AG Online High Speed ​​Blister Pack Leak Detector

Switzerland WILCO AG launched a new high-speed 100% online blister pack leak Detector. This device can be installed behind a high-speed blister line and can perform leak detection for each blister cavity at speeds up to 1200 blisters per minute.

Products that pass through high-speed blister packaging lines are automatically placed into a testing room. After the test chamber is closed, there is a vacuum around the product. The special design of the test room limits the movement of the product and ensures that the product will not be damaged. After reaching a pre-determined vacuum level and no major signs of leakage appear, the leak detector performs a vacuum and pressure test with a vacuum sensor. Changes in the minimum vacuum caused by the leaking of a film or seal will change the pressure applied to the film and this changed pressure will be tested. This new technology makes it possible to perform leak testing on sachets packed in boxes.

In addition, the leak detector is equipped with a force sensor. Its use makes the system no longer subject to excessive impact on the size and capacity of the product, and can be used for leak testing of various styles of blister packs. Because if the product leaks, the pressure exerted on the film will change rapidly and the necessary product testing cycle time will be significantly shortened. This advantage makes it possible to design an online leak detector at the highest speeds. The leak detector can locate a separate sensor above each blister cavity to give information about the cavity. This allows real-time production monitoring and immediate upstream fault indication. Expensive storage and rework costs are saved. Vacuum test change values ​​can provide information such as leak size, allowing the system to effectively integrate into an already existing validation process. A patented "floating reference" system will automatically compensate for external influences, such as Temperature and humidity.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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