Zhimei Village: The beauty of beauty

Zhimei Village can be said to be a wonderful work in the beauty industry. In 2000, Mr. Guo Ruiping, the president of the company, traveled far and wide to Fusang and transplanted the excellent brand of Zhimei Village to Zhimei Village in China. The concept of bionics advocated by him was initiated. The fourth generation of cosmetics first, the brand localization transformation, more adapted to the needs of the Chinese market, making "Zhumei Village" take root everywhere in the land of China, known as the north and south of the river, the company's name is also like Changhong, Japan, known A wonderful work for the industry.

Recently, Beijing Shishihao Trading Co., Ltd. held the Zhimei Village Pure New Product Release and Investment Promotion Conference. Mr. Cheng Wenliang, the sales director of Zhimei Village, Mr. Cheng Shiliang, General Manager of Beijing Shishi Haoyu, and Mr. Qi Shuiying, the training instructor of Zhimei Village, and other elite leaders of Meizhi and Beijing Shihaohao attended the meeting.

The conference lasted for two days and was warmly welcomed and loved by the distributors. The excellent quality and exquisite packaging of the new products were highly recognized by the guests. The pure brand image was greatly improved and promoted for the Beijing market. The work has saved the source of strength, and it has also contributed to the implementation of the “Guangyan Plan” of the pure series of Zhimei Village!

On the afternoon of the 18th, with the background music of a passionate song, the invited guests entered the exhibition one after another. Through the resurgence of corporate videos, the China Merchants Association officially kicked off. The sign language dance "Chasing Ideals" adds endless warmth and touch to this event. Everyone is immersed in the same music, the same move, moving in the same direction, carrying the same ideal, working together to create brilliant. .

The conference was first delivered by Mr. Yu, General Manager of Du Shihao Trading Co., Ltd. Yu was grateful to the major dealers for their long-term strong support and expressed their sincere and sincere speech and commitment to build brilliant together. In addition, Mr. Yu also briefly summarized the work situation in the last quarter, and deployed the new product promotion work in the next stage. In the overall speech, he won the applause of the dealers and made a good speech for the investment promotion. beginning.

After Yu’s speech, it was an elite team show. The elite sales team of Du Shihao Trading Co., Ltd. wore uniform costumes and appeared in the podium on the podium. They shouted inspiring slogans and were full of momentum.

Then, Mr. Cheng Wenliang, the director of Jingmei Village's pure brand sales, made a keynote speech on “Zhumei Village 2010 Planning”. Cheng's rigorous planning blueprint once again strengthened the confidence of the dealers, and also promoted the work for everyone. The specific implementation pointed out the direction and clarified the ideas.

The company's large-scale policy support has lifted the final questions of the dealers and laid the foundation for the hot scene of the signing. Also for the City Hao Trading Co., Ltd. hand in hand, the dance of the beauty of the blue sky with a strong wing!

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